What’s the Difference between Etsy & eBay?

I had someone ask me what the difference was between Etsy and eBay.. I told them one is for vintage or handmade items (Etsy) and the other was for anything and everything. While I was thinking about my statement to my friend, I realized it would be so much easier to show the difference here:

Topic: Costume…

eBay’s idea of a costume.. Dr McCoy from Star Trek

Etsy’s idea of a costume… Moist Mother Earth

Topic: Beaded Necklace

eBay: Judith Ripka necklace

Etsy: Klewism Dabbles

Topic: Soap

eBay: Lot of 11 Gamila Olive Oil Soap

Etsy: Soap of the Month

Did you see the difference? One is artsy and cool.. (ETSY) and eBay has a little bit of everything.. but not so much artsy and cool. Don’t take it personal if you are an eBay person.. I know I’m not :0