Gosh! Strange eBay Item of the Day!

I was flipping channels and found Napoleon Dynamite on TV today… which made me start looking at Napoleon Dynamite stuff on eBay.

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How awesome is this?

Portraits with custom sweet skills like Napoleon Dynamites.  Check it out HERE.  He’s only selling these for 3.00 each.. a super cute and original idea.  eBay Seller ca_cheney.

Here’s what the artist says about it:

My incredible drawing skills make a great gift or center piece on a sacred shrine dedicated to mythical gods. Whatever your reason for buying a portrait from me, you will be pleased that they are being offered at this huge discount! Instead of selling them for the millions they are worth I am offering the public the unique opportunity to own a piece of my art for only $3 per character. So if you want a portrait of your family of 5, just purchase a quantity of 5 portraits. Mythical beasts cost double, unless the muse moves me to throw one in for free.  If you don’t have a family picture to email me, I can draw from single photos and combine them all into one shot. I can even telepathically depict what your family looks like, or what they would look like in a another dimension where muscle building supplements flow like wine.

My feedback speaks for itself. If you bid on my stuff you are absolutely the coolest. Final piece will be emailed to you or for a large file I can upload it to one of those sites (filesend.net) that can store large files for download and I’ll email you a link to it. When you pay me via paypal you will have to tell me whether you are paying for a family of 3 plus 3 mythical beasts ($27) or what. Let me know if you want the final piece emailed or as a large file uploaded to filesend.net. If my prices are too steep email me to negotiate terms.

I Bet You’ve Never Seen This Before!

For those of you that read my Ask the eBay Queen articles every week you know about my Strange Item of the Week. I was browsing Etsy (my new favorite love) and found this:

I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before! How inventive! How unique!

How Green! If your interested in buying it go here: Stilleto Shoe Planter

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