Missoni for Target.. There’s More on eBay than at Target.com!

Have you heard about the craze that shut Target.com down for a few hours?  It's Missoni!  I wondered how long it would take for this super hot stuff to be put on eBay.. the answer.. not long. There are currently 28,546 items on eBay now.

Here are some of the top selling items as of today. Keep in mind I'm not sure that this stuff is going to stay hot.. or for how long.  BUT Let's say you had a lot of it to sell.. (because you bought it at the store yesterday) I would put it on ASAP.  If your stuff is not selling you have 2 options.  Take it back to the store OR  wait until November.. and list it for Christmas. 

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Hello Cute bike!

Missoni for Target 3 speed Women’s Bike with Basket (Copper) Sold 1,200 by eBay Seller 105eyes.  Check it out HERE   Retails on Target.com for 399.99 Check it out HERE 

 missoni, bedding, comforter set, missoni comforter

Love a purple comforter!

NWT Missoni for Target Full/Queen Comforter & Shames Set Sold $499.99 by eBay Seller rubydealsnyc.  Check it out HERE    Retails at Target for 99.99 to 119.99  still available on Target.com Check it out HERE 

Missoni, suitcase, collectible missoni

Not sure this is the suitcase for me.. but it would turn heads!


Missoni for Target luggage 28” Traditional Spinner Roller Sold $425.00 by eBay Seller bjs_16 Check it out HERE   Sold out on Target.com Retailed for $199.99


I do like this.. in the purple colors.

Missoni for Target Throw Colore (Sold Out) in Hand Will Ship Today Sold $380.00  check it out HERE  Sold out on Target.com retailed for 39.99 Check it out HERE 


Missoni for Target Sweater Dress Multicolor Zigzag Print Size M Sold $306.00 by eBay Seller cmac406  Check it out HERE   Sold on Target.com for 54.99  Check it out HERE 


Missoni for Target Espresso Cups Plates Spoons Set Sold $305.00 by eBay Seller robertpfarrell Check it out HERE  Sold Out on Target.com for 39.99 Check it out HERE 


This seller is BRILLIANT! What a great idea!

Missoni for Target Sold Out Mother & Daughter Dresses XL & XS Sold 295.00 by eBay Seller aimeedomenico.  Check it out HERE    Sold on Target.com for 54.99 and 39.99

The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and eBay

As many of you know I am a loyal Conan O’Brien fan. See here. I don’t have anything against Jay.. because I like him too. I just love me some Coco!

Today I was reading on CNET an article about Conan selling this suitcase on eBay. It currently has 72 bids and is up to $999,999.00! I wonder if those are real bids? If they are.. I hope he donates some of the profits to a worthwhile charity.

Here’s the eBay auction for the suitcase

Here’s the Conan auction I’d really like would like to own. It’s a signed “I’m with Coco!” poster.

Check it out HERE