It’s the Summer of George! Or Maybe just the Week of Suzie


If you don't watch Seinfeld you might not understand my proclamation… You see George.. the bald guy, discovers he is going to received a severance package from his last job he was fired from The New York Yankees.  The severance package should last him about three months, so he decides that he is going to take full advantage of three months off and become very active.  Except he doesn't…instead of living a active lifestyle as he had planned, George becomes incredibly lazy. He never changes out of his pajamas, and feels too weak to even come to Jerry's apartment, and he sits around the house eating cheese straight off the block.

Which leads us to what it means to me…

This week we've talked about it being the week of Suzie…. because I don't have to be anywhere this week except church on Wednesday for Youth Group… oh and Thursday I have to take the boy to his internship.

April and May have been two incredibly busy months for me.  My eBay business didn't have anything to do with how busy I was.. So this week I plan on catching up on a few things… cleaning my house and eBay.  My family is pretty excited too.. because we have plans to eat dinner at home each night this week.  Something we haven't done in quite awhile. 🙂

BUT being that it's the week of Suzie… I may end up like George………… and just sit around watch movies and needlepoint all week.  🙂

Here's my needlepoint… I'm almost done with it.  This is the one that I started in March  You can check out it's beginnings HERE.


I'm almost done… but I'm waiting on some fibers to come to me in the mail.