Tires? Really She’s Talking about Tires?

Tires… tires have been totally kicking my behind here lately.

The Man and I have had our fair share of tire problems lately. His front tire blew this week. He put the donut on.. and it blew a few short days later. He has a pretty common car.. but unbelievably we have to order his tires.. and they won't be in for a week!?!?

Thursday we discovered my tire is low.. took it in to Walmart (where we bought them) and they say it has a cut and it can't be repaired. It should be covered under the "tire hazard".. but neither myself nor Walmart can find our paperwork 🙁 Tires.. you can't live with them.. and you can't live without them..

What do Tires, Burger King and Homeschooling have in common?

I may have said this before.. I don't remember. The Man is the kind of guy that handles things, and I really appreciate that about him. I like that he believes there are "man" jobs and "woman" jobs. 14 years ago his classification of what a woman can do and what a man can do made me crazy. I was brought up by a single mother, and a extremely absent father. My mother made sure I knew how to do all kinds of "man" jobs, because, "You may not have a man around to take care of you!" That's one of the reasons I fell in love with him, because he took care of the junk I don't want to handle..

I don't know if you remember the tire mishap in the spring when The Man had to come change my tire: Walking Tour of Ottawa Since that time I have had the spare on my front driver side . Sunday my other tire started losing air. You can imagine my surprise when yesterday the man told me I needed to take my car to get new tires and the oil change. In my mind I was freaking out.. "Doesn't he know that HE is suppose to do this?" He set a presidense years ago when he handed all of that for me!

I like Monday morning to just be about school in my house. It seems like if we start school right on Monday's.. it will be smooth the rest of the week. I knew they wouldn't get anything done if I wasn't there.. so I loaded the kids up in the car and we headed to Wal-Mart in Gardner to get new tires and a oil change.

I called and found out that Burger King in Gardner has Wifi.. so the kids and I did a little school while we waited on the car to be done.

Here's #2 looking something up on his computer while his

math book is waiting for him to finish what he started.

Here's #2 working on her spelling worksheet.

The Man and I are going to talk about this whole car care thing.. hopefully he'll go back to being Ward Cleaver 🙂 (Leave it to Beaver) after our conversation.