Dear Grandpa; Please send more pants!

My father-in-law (Ward Cleaver) gave #2 a pair of pants.  Apparently#2 has had them for a couple of years, but only now has decide to wear them.

He really likes this pants.  He says they are; “comfortable”   “you can wear other pants under them” and my favorite, “if you get something on them, it slides right off”.

Yes, he really said that.  Embarrassing #2 really embarrassing.

I’ve told him the last 3 days that I need to wash these pants.  He doesn’t think they are dirty. Because “stuff just slides right off of them”.  Please Grandpa.. send the kid some more pants…

What do Tires, Burger King and Homeschooling have in common?

I may have said this before.. I don't remember. The Man is the kind of guy that handles things, and I really appreciate that about him. I like that he believes there are "man" jobs and "woman" jobs. 14 years ago his classification of what a woman can do and what a man can do made me crazy. I was brought up by a single mother, and a extremely absent father. My mother made sure I knew how to do all kinds of "man" jobs, because, "You may not have a man around to take care of you!" That's one of the reasons I fell in love with him, because he took care of the junk I don't want to handle..

I don't know if you remember the tire mishap in the spring when The Man had to come change my tire: Walking Tour of Ottawa Since that time I have had the spare on my front driver side . Sunday my other tire started losing air. You can imagine my surprise when yesterday the man told me I needed to take my car to get new tires and the oil change. In my mind I was freaking out.. "Doesn't he know that HE is suppose to do this?" He set a presidense years ago when he handed all of that for me!

I like Monday morning to just be about school in my house. It seems like if we start school right on Monday's.. it will be smooth the rest of the week. I knew they wouldn't get anything done if I wasn't there.. so I loaded the kids up in the car and we headed to Wal-Mart in Gardner to get new tires and a oil change.

I called and found out that Burger King in Gardner has Wifi.. so the kids and I did a little school while we waited on the car to be done.

Here's #2 looking something up on his computer while his

math book is waiting for him to finish what he started.

Here's #2 working on her spelling worksheet.

The Man and I are going to talk about this whole car care thing.. hopefully he'll go back to being Ward Cleaver 🙂 (Leave it to Beaver) after our conversation.