My Trip to Joplin Missouri

I don't know if I mention it.. but I'm a youth leader. In August my Youth Group is going to Joplin to serve the people there. I went down there last week to meet with our sister church and talk to them about how we can serve the community. Here's my day in pictures.

New creation Church, Joplin, MO

This is New Creation Church in Joplin Missouri.

This church serves 3 hot meals to ANYONE who walks in to the building.

They also provide shelter for over 75 people each night.

The church's pantry… where all the donated food goes.

If a family comes in and needs diapers… they have them.

Notes of thanks and encouragement.

To do list… (I love to do lists..) This one says:

  • Do Landry
  • Do intake Data
  • reset sound system in the sanctuary
  • do data entry in aid matrix
  • replace red cross cots with ours
  • pack up red cross cots to return
  • Take love boxes to our neighbors
  • double line men's cots

Someone made this cross out of rubble.


Not so good graffiti.

New telephone poles.

In front of Joplin High School.

Chainsaw carvers.. check out the phone pole that was ripped in half.


Can you see the people on top of the houses?

It's like someone took out a wall and you can see their kitchen and family room.



A free clinic in front of Walgreens.

A Storm Blew Through… Where are my Trees?

Last night a storm blew through my county. Some people say there were 100 mile per hour winds. We lost power about 10:00PM last night, and didn’t get it back until around 1:30PM today. I think we lost 3 pretty big trees.

My famous clematis was blown over, but is ok..

I don’t think this tree is gong to be ok..

Here it is from another angle…

Here the tree’s roots..

#2 checking it all out

Part of the trim is damaged.. on the side and front of the house.

One of the trees in the backyard.

#1 and a friend of #4’s on the porch checking out the damage

#2 up in the tree