On the Way to Kansas City We Saw Superman?

The Man and I were headed back to Kansas City (from our trip to Saint Louis) when we saw what we thought was a guy playing a ukulele in a Superman costume with something white on his face. We knew THAT COULDN’T be what we saw, so The Man took the next exit thinking he would flip a U-Turn in the grass so we could get a better look at the guy.

I-70 has those wire things so you can’t turn.. So we drove….

and drove…

and drove….

8 miles to the next exit ramp.

Only to drive about 7.5 miles back to see this:

Huh.. it looks like a guy in a blue suit.. let’s see if we can make that clearer..

.. not so good let’s see if we can do better than that..

Vindication! We maybe old.. but we really did see Superman playing a ukulele on I-70..

and he did have a white beard! The only way this photo could be better? If he was holding

Traveling Batman…