Peace, Quiet and Towing Cars.. Chevrolet Suburban Style..

This is what the TOP of my driveway looked like this morning.

This is what the bottom of my driveway looked like last night.

Gary Lezak (my favorite weather guy) said it would snow.. and we wouldn’t get “much accumulation”.. as it turns out we received about 2 more inches.  Since blogging yesterday about my UPS Driver.. The Man and P*trick  (pronounces P  Trick) also became stuck and could not make it up the driveway.  This morning #2 got up and used the Kabota (tractor) to get them out. Being the kind of girl I am.. I’m not really.. a morning person.  I wasn’t up.  I did get up pretty quickly when #2 came in the house to tell me that “#1 was stuck in the driveway.. in the Suburban.

I flew out  of the house without my camera.. (dummy) and pulled the Suburban out with my bare hands (just kidding).. I got in.. rocked it a little and drove the sucker out.  #1 informed me her father had slid into a ditch down the road.  We loaded up the car and went down to pull him out… (This is where I realized I forgot my camera.. and left #4 (my 6 year old) in charge of a sleeping #3 and #5)  I sent #1 back to the house where she woke up #3 (to take care of her younger siblings) and brought my camera down to me.

Here we have The Man’s car firmly lodged in the ditch.

Here is my Suburban.. I’m pointing out the Chevrolet emblem in

hopes GM will pay me a little advertising dollars or buy gift me a new

2010 Yukon Denali (white) with all the bells and whistles.. including

those little TV’s in the headrests. The man says I don’t need the TV’s..

But have you ever been to Chuck E Cheese on a Friday night?  That’s what it’s

like to ride in a car with my children.

Before we could get his car pulled out, our new neighbor down the road

makes an appearance (guy with the pink arrow over his head).  He’ll

be moving in to the house in January.  His truck doesn’t have 4-wheel drive..

I secretly wish him luck getting around on our roads..  Good news.. he

has kids my boys ages.. bad news.. he has kids my boys ages..

We pulled The Man’s car out of the ditch.. and he went on his way to work.

Who doesn’t love a picture of a good looking dog…

Have I ever introduced you to my dog?  If not..

This is Porky.. as in “the Pig”.  He loves long walks in the

snow, table scraps, cat food and freaking out of the

mail lady. (Bad Dog)

How sweet.  #1 and her dog..

Taken from my front door.. It looks so peaceful..until

you come inside.

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now..

Do you remember that GIANT TV I talked about HERE

? Well it’s not working. Some people LOVE TV and others think it’s evil. I wouldn’t go as far to say I love it.. but I like it a lot.. I was looking forward to watching "Burn Notice" that I have on DVD .. or maybe a little "True Blood" on HBO. But for some reason it’s not working. I’m not too worried about it, because The Man.. can fix almost anything that has electricity running to it. He can do this with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back. He says it’s a light engine or it might need a new lamp. I’m hoping for the lamp.

Without a TV I start thinking about all kinds of things.. like chocolate cake, needlepointing and well toys I liked to play with when I was little… Which got me thinking I wonder if any of the toys I played with as a child are on eBay?

This is Quick Curl Kelley. I loved her red hair. She made me want red hair..

I had a Henry plush dog by Animal Fair. This is like a squeeze toy.. but I couldn’t find a

Henry photo. I slept with Henry every night.

Every Saturday night I would get my Barbie Dream Boat out (just like this one)

and watch the Love Boat on TV and play with Kelley and my dream boat.

What was your favorite Toy?

The Man’s Great TV Switch-a-roo

It was a dark and stormy night… The Queen was leaving her castle to spend some time with her favorite confirmation class youth. The Queen’s husband… aka “THE MAN” thought while the queen was out he would make a little switch. He thought the queen would never notice her TV went from normal, to gianormous. Here’s the story told in photos.

Here was the TV that once sat in my living room. I have NO idea how big this TV is.. but to me it was a normal size TV.

It also worked fine.

Here are 4 of the 5 children standing in front of the TV to show you the true size of it.

Here’s the TV I came home to. It doesn’t look so big right here does it?

Here’s the TV with the 4 kids standing in front of it.. (by the way what’s wrong with the tall goofy kid? can’t he take a normal photo?)

In The Man’s defense, he does work with electronics for a living… and the TV has sorta grown on me (no pun intended). I just thought we should discuss moving Goodyear Blimp size electronics in the Family Room before hand.

TRUE CONFESSION: Our family also loves TV like a chubby kid loves cake. (no offense to chubby kids)