The Man’s Great TV Switch-a-roo

It was a dark and stormy night… The Queen was leaving her castle to spend some time with her favorite confirmation class youth. The Queen’s husband… aka “THE MAN” thought while the queen was out he would make a little switch. He thought the queen would never notice her TV went from normal, to gianormous. Here’s the story told in photos.

Here was the TV that once sat in my living room. I have NO idea how big this TV is.. but to me it was a normal size TV.

It also worked fine.

Here are 4 of the 5 children standing in front of the TV to show you the true size of it.

Here’s the TV I came home to. It doesn’t look so big right here does it?

Here’s the TV with the 4 kids standing in front of it.. (by the way what’s wrong with the tall goofy kid? can’t he take a normal photo?)

In The Man’s defense, he does work with electronics for a living… and the TV has sorta grown on me (no pun intended). I just thought we should discuss moving Goodyear Blimp size electronics in the Family Room before hand.

TRUE CONFESSION: Our family also loves TV like a chubby kid loves cake. (no offense to chubby kids)