Extreme Makeover Kansas Style…

Here's some photos from the Extreme Makeover Home Edition.. Ottawa Kansas build…


I'm not sure what is so interesting on this road.. but they are filming it.

Women working… well they were working.  Now they are cooling off.  See those charts behind them?  That is the schedule of what needs to be done and the time it needs to be done in..

More women working.

I wore my hard hat, glasses and closed toed shoes.. I looked beautiful.. I didn't take any photos.. you'll have to take my word for it.  It was 108.. and  my hair looked FABULOUS!

Bring Change 2 mind is the organization that nominated the Hill family for their new house. You should check them out! http://www.bringchange2mind.org

This is the theme of this build… dust.

Here's the boy in the VIP tent .. that's his logo right there.  He maybe smiling, but he looks exhausted to me.