First Day of School 2011

Yesterday I posted our 1st day of school photos from years past. HERE It looks like this year isn't much different.

There are the 2 models.. and the 2 that look like they want to be somewhere else.  There is also the 1/2 naked baby.  We aren't sure about him.

When I look at this picture… I see #4 standing there in front.. looking cute, #5 in the yellow STILL trying to talk instead of get his picture taken..  #3 is trying to smile while holding her brother back.. I don't know what is wrong with #2…  he looks like he just lost his best friend.  Then there's #6.. the baby.  I think he's looking for something to drool on or maybe wondering why his mother doesn't dress him in the morning.

Just in case you wanted to know what a homeschooling mother's desk looks like…