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First Day of School on a Holiday What kind of Teacher is she?

wpid-wp-1441639733553.jpegSo here they are.. Junior, seventh grader, Junior, 5th grader and not quite a kindergartner.

I’m not sure why I started school on Labor Day.. but it seemed like a good idea, if only because¬† The Man would be home.. just in case there was a riot.

wpid-wp-1441639722573.jpegThe Man.. The Principal and his students.

wpid-wp-1441639850264.jpgMy Arc planner.. with my Well Planned Day sheets.

I decided this year I wasn’t going to carry around a planner, my homeschool (Well Planned Day) planner and a notebook.¬† I am working on creating my own planner so that I only have one book to lug around with for homeschool, church meetings and my own personal organization.

Here’s a look a some first days of school in the past..







More From The First Day of School

We started school Monday… This is only Thursday.. of the same week.. but feels like a Thursday somewhere in the future.  I guess that means  It's been a long week.

#5 and his cookie

We have a new-ish bakery in Ottawa Kansas called Keim Bakery.  I went in there last week to write my article in peace.. and picked up a few cookies for the monkey's first day of school

#4 devouring his cookie

#2 and his cookie

Here's #4 and #3.. eating their cookie

This looks like the same photo.. but it's not.. Can you see what's different? 

If you said.. the dog.. You'd be right. He didn't get an apple cookie. He should have, because he's so stinkin' cute. I love his flippy floppy ears.

First Day of School 2011

Yesterday I posted our 1st day of school photos from years past. HERE It looks like this year isn't much different.

There are the 2 models.. and the 2 that look like they want to be somewhere else.  There is also the 1/2 naked baby.  We aren't sure about him.

When I look at this picture… I see #4 standing there in front.. looking cute, #5 in the yellow STILL trying to talk instead of get his picture taken..  #3 is trying to smile while holding her brother back.. I don't know what is wrong with #2…  he looks like he just lost his best friend.  Then there's #6.. the baby.  I think he's looking for something to drool on or maybe wondering why his mother doesn't dress him in the morning.

Just in case you wanted to know what a homeschooling mother's desk looks like…



Monday’s To Do…

May the Force Be With You… (and me too)

Monday's To Do…

  • Exercise
  • School the Monkeys.. (it's the first day)
  • arrange cubes & finish school room
  • first day of school pictures
  • print colonial flag
  • write article
  • Dinner= Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls
  • Make first day of school breakfast
  • write up eBay junk
  • Write lesson plans for next week
  • cobwebs.. get rid of them  (#3 needs to dust)
  • upload the rest of the VBS photos I found
  • Work on confirmation class
  • Sign up for ed helper
  • Call school about Girl Scouts
  • finish plans for the week
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