Sometimes Best Offer Annoys Me.

I really love Best Offer.  Without it, I’m not sure where my business on eBay would be.  Sometimes the message that buyers leave me are weird and a little ballsy. (can I say that?)  Maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

I was asking 19.99 with Best Offer (and free shipping)on this item, retail is 39.99. I was offered $10.00 and this comment:

buyitnow2“I just purchased 2 new bras one black Maidenform for $12”

So I guess you they feel 10.00 is a fair offer?

This item retails for 44.99, and I have it listed for 29.99 with best offer and free shipping.  The buyer offers 14.99, “because she can buy on Amazon for that price.”

buyitnow1“I got the black one on Amazon for this price but they didn’t have white.”

I countered offered on each, and responded: “with free shipping this is as low as I can go.” Do you have this happen to you?