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Kennebunk Weavers Sweater Top.. Hairy and Rare?

I was looking at Savers for some wool sweaters to use for Girl Scout crafts when I saw this…

It’s the weirdest.. hairy-ist sweater top thing..  It is really heavy too!

It’s made by Kennebunk Weavers.  When I looked up Kennebunk Weavers..

I found the make FABULOUS blankets and throws.. But I couldn’t

find anything about sweaters or tops.

Here’s a close up of the weaving.  I don’t think it shows the “fuzziness”

of it up close.

It’s cute… with leggings… and I think it just might be rare…

Just like #1 here.. she’s a rare jewel..  So have any of you

heard of Kennebunk Weavers making tops or sweaters?

What’s the value on one of these?  Any keywords I should use?

What the Heck is THIS? Cast Iron Wood Thing Edition…

I’ve been working on a charity auction for my church.  I walked into our “eBay” office at church and found this thing.  I’ve shown it to a few of the workers (that are busy working on the building)… they had no idea what this is.  So I’m asking you..

It’s cast iron.  The imprint above says “Centralia”

Stands about 7″ tall

Has a wood center.  I don’t think it’s removable.

So.. what the heck is it?

Oh.. and do you know what this thing is?

It says “Miniature Broiler”…. someone said a smelter.. the base is

wood, with a cast iron top and wood handle.   I can’t wait to hear

what these things are..

April 2021
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