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Black Friday and Other Mishaps

Our morning started a little late.. and at Target. Target opened at 4:00am

we arrived at 4:30am.

Someone got a TV or 3..

Starbucks break…

#1… pondering why she got up so early in the am… What she doesn't

know is in just a few minutes she's going to wait at a fabric store for

3 hours to get some fabric cut…. I should have taken photos of Joann Fabrics

this am.. but I was so annoyed, I couldn't bring myself to do it. We arrived

at 7:00am and they were cutting #16's fabric. We IMMEDIATELY

got our own number.. which was #83… no.. that's not a typo.. it's

actually EIGHTY-THREE.

Hobby Lobby which didn't have many people there.. actually had

a policeman watching for .. I'm not sure? Maybe the Craft Mafia?

Here's P*Tricky and #1 .. we hung out for a while in Borders Books.

When P*Tricky is tired.. he's pretty funny. He was really tired about this time.

The strangest thing I saw today was this GLITTER Jesus Bank

at Borders Book Store. It's only 7.99.. and 50% off this weekend..

I Can’t Believe This Didn’t Sell… Black Bear Bank

Some may look at this and think it’s ugly.

I thought someone might like this black bear bank…

No makers marks.. Nothing special really.  I guess I have my answer on why this

didn’t sell huh? 😉

April 2021
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