Auction Finds.. 8-17-2010 Edition..

strickers auction, ron stricker, gardner kansas

Monday I went to Strickers Auction in Gardner, Ks.  They had lots

of great stuff there.

beaded purses, vintage items

They had lots of “ladies junk” there.  You know beaded purses..

Jewelry and  stuff like that.  See that green arrow.. pointing to the

green felt with jewelry on it?  That sold for $220.00.

That big glass case along with the 2 tables behind it.. were FULL

of rhinestone jewelery.

I think this cabinet came straight from Rob and Laura’s house..

you know The Dick Van Dyke Show?  OOOH ROBBB!

I wanted that bucket.. SO BAD.. not to sell. Just for me 🙂

I didn’t get it :\  I wasn’t willing to pay 12.00 for it.. I

know.. I know.. I’m cheap right?

Just in case you were wondering what’s on that sign…

Here’s what my friend Ron bought.. Not the book.. just the purses.

He bought some other stuff too… I never know why he brings a

book when he sits next to me.. You know I talk to him until

his ears fall off :).

Here’s my haul… please excuse the dirty car..

I just might keep that pine cone pitcher.

Not a bad haul huh?

Aluminum Christmas Trees Not Your Grandmother’s Tree!

A few years ago I bought a couple of 7 foot Aluminum Christmas trees in the DEAD of summer. Why would someone buy a Christmas Tree during summer? To sell on eBay .. duh…

Cute vintage Reynolds Aluminum ad.

I wish I still had the photos that I took of that tree I purchased, and sold on eBay… but at the time, I had NO IDEA I would write a blog about things I sold in the past.

Let's pretend this is my living room.. and that's #4 and #5..

See that tree.. my tree looked like that (except no

decorations or tree skirt).

I was really lucky with my tree I bought.. it not only had a tree,

but it had like 30+ extra branches. I grouped the branches

in lots of 5 and sold them for 34.99 each set.

This is a really good representation of the tree. I purchased it really cheap in the summer. I

held onto it until after Thanksgiving and made a nice chunk of change on it. Sometimes it's good

to wait to sell stuff!

Unusual eBay Sales; Ideals Mexican Crissy?



Back in 2006 I had sold a Mexican Crissy Doll or Lillie.  She is a hair grower.. You could turn the knob on her belly and she would "grow" hair or you could make her hair retract.  I didn’t realize this was a highly collectible doll. I really thought she had some pretty messed up hair, and would sell for $40 or $50. 


I had lots of strange questions and several "would you end the auction early" comments.  When the auction ended she sold for over $300.00


If you want to know more about Crissy Doll’s or the Mexican Crissy check out this website