Good Gravy.. The Neighbors are Talking About Me..

I’ve never really had a guest blogger, with the exception of one of my children.  Today my neighbors have something to say.

longhorn cows, bulls, living in the country

Hay.. (get it.. H-A-Y)..  I was wondering if you could tell me a little

bit about your neighbor… you know that eBay chick that lives up the road?

Um.. excuse me.. I wanted to know if you knew anything about

your neighbor?

Hey you there.. in the back butting heads.. can I talk to you?

Oh.. I thought you two were fighting.  I had no idea you were um..

well..  we don’t allow this kind of thing here.. This is a family blog…

Can you tell me anything about your neighbor.. you know the one

that wears the rhinestone crown to Wal-mart?

“She has issues, and drives down the road in huge vehicle with

what looks like a bunch of cow tipping hooligans in it.”

Any other scandalous news?

“She’s a beef eater.”