Longhorns.. They aren’t just for Texas

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If you didn't know.. I live in Kansas. Kansas is known for being flat and for it's beef..

Check out this fine specimen of beef. To me it almost looks like a cartoon longhorn. When he moves his head it doesn't seem real. The horns on these creatures are HUGE!

There are 2 of these that hang out in this field near my house. I hope to some day get a photo of both of them together. Maybe I can interview them like I did these cows.

I hope this guy will be more interested in me then. 😉

A Glimpse of the American Royal

A couple of weeks ago The Man and I won tickets to the American Royal Rodeo. (Thank you KOFO 1220) The American Royal is a month long agricultural-FFA-animal show-BBQ-rodeo festival.

The Man and I waiting for the Rodeo to start..

Before the rodeo started we checked out some of the exhibits. I'm slightly

afraid of horses. The man here.. not so much. I was pretty sure this horse

was going to break down the pen and bite his hand off. As it turns out..

the horse was pretty nice.

PIG RACE! Check out the girls in the blue cowboy hats. They are really

into this race!

Ever see a pig swim? You should check out Swifty!

This cow would not stop MOO-ing.

What I really want to say is.. "That is nipple number 5, a good dairy

cow should have like 4. (one of my favorite lines from Napoleon Dynamite.

I liked these white cows.. but my friend Claire says that white

cows are dumb and I should only like Angus cows.

Cows aren't usually this clean and fluffly looking. This cow (along with

the others at the Royal) have been washed and blow dryed.

I think this is one of those Angus cows Claire was talking about.

The rodeo was great.. I always slightly freak out at the bareback

riding. They seem like they are thrown around a lot.

The bull fighters.. fighting a bull…

The Budweiser Clydesdales even made an apperance at the rodeo!

We had a great time.. Thanks so much to KOFO for giving us the tickets.

Good Gravy.. The Neighbors are Talking About Me..

I’ve never really had a guest blogger, with the exception of one of my children.  Today my neighbors have something to say.

longhorn cows, bulls, living in the country

Hay.. (get it.. H-A-Y)..  I was wondering if you could tell me a little

bit about your neighbor… you know that eBay chick that lives up the road?

Um.. excuse me.. I wanted to know if you knew anything about

your neighbor?

Hey you there.. in the back butting heads.. can I talk to you?

Oh.. I thought you two were fighting.  I had no idea you were um..

well..  we don’t allow this kind of thing here.. This is a family blog…

Can you tell me anything about your neighbor.. you know the one

that wears the rhinestone crown to Wal-mart?

“She has issues, and drives down the road in huge vehicle with

what looks like a bunch of cow tipping hooligans in it.”

Any other scandalous news?

“She’s a beef eater.”

Fair Food can Make You Chubby, but it Sure Tastes Good

I had plans yesterday to talk about my experience with Fair Food… but after #5 took several years off of my life by disappearing in the middle of the fairgrounds.. I couldn’t do anything but hold him all night.

So now that I am better.. I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about the food you get at the fair..

I don’t know what this is called… I believe it was refered to as “popcorn” But I’ve never had popcorn like this before. It was given to me my by my friend.. who is about 1/4 of an inch taller than me.. and is entering in the 3rd grade. (that’s his steel toed boot in the photo). I believe he won a purple ribbon for this concoction. It has Giant Rice Krispie’s, popcorn, tiny M&M’s, white chocolate and peanut butter. It was delicious.

(Note to self.. when this kid enters 6th grade he will need to bring this in order to enter in the youth room)

Yes.. these cucumbers were really this bright green.

Peppers or Squash anyone?

Some would say this isn’t fair food.. but it could be one day.. do you see #5 and the man in the background? I wonder what they are talking about?

This is the whole reason I go to the fair.. Giant Corn Dogs.. oh and to see #4 happy.

#5 holding up his giant corn dog.. see the fries on the napkin? They were scarfed down before I could take a photo.

ooo-ooH.. I love a good funnel cake too.