National Bikini Day…

In honor of National Bikini Day… Here are some CUTE Bikini’s on eBay! You could probably catch me in the last one…

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Dreaming of Summer.. in the middle of a Deep Freeze

I'm FREEZING.. It's cold no matter what I'm doing.. or where I am.

I used to live where it was warm, and on days like today I wonder why I'm not back in a warmer climate! I've lived in Southern California for a while and Clearwater Florida for a couple of years too. If I could get The Man to move there… I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm not sure even a high paying, cush-ie job could make him move from his land. He likes living out in the country too much. We all know there isn't any "land" in southern California.. and Florida I would only want to live near the ocean… no land there really either.

So as I freeze.. (and maybe you are cold too..) here are some pictures of summer to warm you up.

The Man tells me these are a nuisance, and not a flower. I

think the thistle is beautiful. It always makes me a little sad to

see him spray them.

Here is a perfect rose from my garden this summer.

I can almost smell it..

If this photo doesn't say summer, I don't know what does.

Here are 3 of my 5 grubby children in their new swimsuits. (from last

summer) I remember a photo of my mother in a swimsuit

out in the middle of deep snow. I wonder if I could get these

monkey's to do that.. I know which one would do it.. Can you guess?

(here's a hint.. they are not pictured)