Looking for a Way to Make Money? Here’s some ideas..

When I started out thinking what I would blog about today, I was pretty sure that I would do a top five list of what I would buy my children for Christmas if they were good or something..

I started my search out with #5. I was looking on Etsy for some cool Transformers stuff. That kid loves Transformers. After 3 or 4 pages of searching it occurred to me.. some really creative people are making a living off of the Transformer theme. Check these out..

1. Transformer UpCycle Play Notebook made by CinderLisaDesign Check it out HERE.

How cute and creative is this idea?

2. How about some Autobot Symbol earrings? Seller is RedFlare Check them out Here.

Show your allegiance to Optimus Prime & the Autobots with these fabulous earrings & help to fight off Megatron & the evil Decepticons!

3. Funny Robots in Disguise Transformer T-Shirt. Seller is JamJamTees. You can see them HERE.

I believe #1 and #2 would fight over this shirt!

4. Decepticon Transformer Bottle Cap pin. Seller is SpaceHappy Click HERE to see it.

Cute.. Creative..

5. Transformer Felt Ornaments. Seller name is blackrose1151. Here it is.

I know a certain 4 year old that would love this!

6. This is for the ultimate collector! Transformer Garter. Seller is PetereneDesigns Check it out Here.

This is the ultimate in Transformer gear.. a bridal garter..

Maybe this will give you an idea for something you can make and sell to avid collectors.

Strange eBay Find.. Columbia Teachers Book

One of the things I love the most about eBay is the surprises.  I was at a odd little book sale in the middle of no-where.  I only knew about the sale because a book seller told me about it.  You should know I am NOT a book seller.  I don’t have anything against book sellers, I’m just not good at finding books, and book sellers always seem to get the good stuff before I do.

I went to this little book sale to maybe get a few books for the kids and I might..just might find some homeschool books.  I arrived there on the last day of the sale, at 45 minutes before they were closing.  NO one was there.  I found a few good books for the kids and a couple of books I thought might sell on Amazon.  I came across this book titled: Columbia University The Study of Certain Small High Schools


The book caught my eye because it looked old, and it didn’t belong in the self help section it was sitting in.  I opened the hardback, and thumbed through it wondering what kind of book it really was.  I noticed it was signed by the author.


I snatched it right up for 1.00.  I put it on eBay for 9.99 and it sold for 225.00!