We Voted!


Uh.. you like my backwards photo..

This year we had 6 voters and 2 first time voters.  The Man and #2 were out of town last week, so they voted early.  I piled the children and voters in the car and headed to our local one room school house.


There is #5 (nv), #3 (v), #1(pv) #3.5 (v), #6 (nv) and #4 (nv)

NV= non voter  V= Voter  PV= Professional Voter

It was #3 and #3.5’s first time to vote.




Casting their vote.

My Civic Duty…

american flag, one room school house

Just in case you've been living in a hole… It's Election Day! I've talked about where I vote before, but I thought I'd share the quaint one room school house that is my polling place.

This is the Briles School House… not only where I vote.. but also where I had my wedding reception.

I asked how busy it was today.. they said there were people waiting outside at 6:30AM. When I arrived at 4:30 the place was pretty much dead.

We did receive snappy new voting boothes this year. In years past we had these cool boothes with fabric closures on the back. They looked pretty old school. The ladies working were not crazy about these new booths.

I was surprised how FULL our ballots were this year. They were FRONT and BACK full.. top to bottom.


I took photos the whole time I was there. I had a woman look at me like I was nuts.. so I explained to her that I blog. She muttered "Who would want to read about what she does all day?" I just smiled and thought.. "WHO WOULD want to read about what I do all day!"

Hey guess what… I voted 🙂 and I hope you did too!

You Vote in a What? or Lack of stuff to talk about…


My brain has been working on a new website, and my head is DONE thinking about  all things Internet.  I know some of you are thinking.. "you work with Internet stuff all the time!"  You would be right.. but  I don’t create websites! HTML scares the ba-jeb-uhs (is this a word?) out of me.  So I’m going to blog about something that doesn’t make me think of my lack of skills in writing HTML.

I moved out to the middle of no where in 1994.  The Man already lived on 40 acres out here… I’ve NEVER (read that one more time) NEVER EVER wanted to live in the country. I had a goal and it was not to live out here.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything… But moving out here was a real challenge for me. 

Back in November some of my online eBay friends were talking about where we voted, how many people were there, and how long they waited.  My eBay friends are from all over!  There is Bettye, and Stacey in New York, Jacki in San Diego and Kat in Colorado Springs (just to name a few).. My little voting place was really different than all of theirs!  Maybe it’s different from yours too..

I vote at the Briles School House.  It’s a pretty cool building that used to be a one room school house.  It sits on a Kansas road, surrounded by farm land.  The kids and I went and voted on that beautiful November day.. around 1:30PM.  

                                 The School House from the Road.. You can see it’s packed with the 4 cars out front!

There wasn’t really a wait.. since I chit-chatted with Mrs B.. I should tell you Mrs. B. is a REAL Farm Wife (and my neighbor). Sometimes I have seen her fixing  fences in the creek, throwing hay, and doing chores I could not imagine even attempting. 

I made child #2 stand in one of the booths so it would look full Don’t you love the picture of George Washington on the wall?

                                                                                                                My Ballot…

This was my ballot, which I marked with a pencil, then slid into a large metal box, that looked like the school’s metal shop put it together.  This all may seem really foreign to you.. but it’s just my life. 

Here’s a little something weird to know about me.  I didn’t know who I was going to vote for (for President) until I got in the booth.. and then when I came home I cried.. because I thought I might have voted for the wrong one..  what a mess!