Saturday Auction…

This morning The Man and I went to an auction.. It had a car that he thought he might want to buy. They had a few things there I thought might be interesting… but mostly we were there for the car. See that guy facing the camera leaning against the tree? He was there to watch over the jewelry.

Here's The Man.. checking out the car.

Here's some of the jewelry… Some of these necklaces sold for $80-90 dollars each. I'm sure some were worth that.. but these were DEALERS that were paying that…

More jewelry… some of the pins sold for $40+ each!

even more jewelry

Hey guess what… More jewelry

A partial overview of the jewelry.

They had other stuff there besides jewelry and a car…

I took a photo of this chair… not knowing it would be mine for $12.50!

Interesting stuff…

This was a box of vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses. I bought it for $3.00 🙂

I wanted these 2 boxes of flower pins and flower hair bobs… but they went for $25.00. I probably should have gone higher…

I did buy this 1940's print for myself..

Did I tell you that in the middle of the auction a rain storm broke out?

That green cordial set.. only sold for $25.00

This auction had several pieces of artwork.. there was an original Grandma Layton (sold for 1200), and 3 original William H Howe's (Sold for 475, 350, and 300.

Here's some of the stuff I bought…

My kids won't stop playing with that dang roulette wheel!

The Ghost of Thumb Rings Past

I’ve told you about my crazy right handed wedding ring

Here’s a lovely photo of it..

I don’t think I’ve ever told you about my haunted thumb ring… It was probably 10 years ago, on warm summer Friday night. I went to an auction. Not just any auction, one of Buddy Griffin’s auctions.

The auction was almost over, and Buddy held up a simple gold wedding band that was found in the back of a night stand. He didn’t know who it belonged too, but assumed it was the elderly woman who had passed away years ago and her children were finally selling her house and it’s contents.

Here’s the ring.

Buddy started the bidding out at $25.00, no one flinched or made a bid. He dropped it to $5.00; I bid and won! When I bid I thought I would sell it on eBay; but after the ring man (HA that sounds like a pun.. but it’s not) gave it to me, slipped it on my thumb and that’s where it’s been ever since.

There is always something a little sad about auctions to me. You know… people selling their stuff.

This ring kind of personifies that to me. I couldn’t believe NO one wanted this woman’s wedding ring. I found out that she had been married 62 years, and her husband had died a few years before her. I couldn’t bring myself to sell it because well.. I’m a sentimental old cow..