Car Accidents… and the Meaning of Adding Insult to Injury.


Last Tuesday (November 25th) #2 was heading to a clients to install some computer equipment.  It was a pretty normal day, until it wasn't.  #2 called me and told me someone had rear ended him at a stop light. 


wreck5When I arrived on the scene, #2 looked pretty shaken up, but assured me he was ok. 


He was not.

He had X-Ray's and scans, and was sent home with pain medication and papers on how to treat a concussion. A week later and he is still dealing with short term memory loss, pain and headaches.  These are the kind of things that breaks a mother's heart. 


The next day I called the furniture store that hit our car.  The owner explained to me that there was "NO damage to his vehicle", and that he saw ours, and it "looked perfectly OK".  He didn't know why we needed insurance.  I told him how #2 was hurt, and he said; "You are just milking it, your son and your car is fine!"  I told him most people would apologize, and he said; "I'm not apologizing to someone like you! You are a conartist!"  Then he said the word that starts with F and is the grandfather of all cuss words and when you followed it up with a "you".. and it's unmistakably becomes an insult?  Then he hung up on me.

This Monday #2 was told he could work 4 hours a day.  So I drove him into Lawrence for his big contract he has.. I drove him thinking that he could get a full 4 hours of work, and he could rest his eyes while I was driving.  We have to pass the furniture store that ran into us on our way in to our destination… and look what they were replacing.. after the owner (kind and gentle as he is) told me there was "no damage to his vehicle"


Do you think the owner was telling the truth about his truck not being damaged?  Or does he just replace bumpers everyday?


Saturday Auction…

This morning The Man and I went to an auction.. It had a car that he thought he might want to buy. They had a few things there I thought might be interesting… but mostly we were there for the car. See that guy facing the camera leaning against the tree? He was there to watch over the jewelry.

Here's The Man.. checking out the car.

Here's some of the jewelry… Some of these necklaces sold for $80-90 dollars each. I'm sure some were worth that.. but these were DEALERS that were paying that…

More jewelry… some of the pins sold for $40+ each!

even more jewelry

Hey guess what… More jewelry

A partial overview of the jewelry.

They had other stuff there besides jewelry and a car…

I took a photo of this chair… not knowing it would be mine for $12.50!

Interesting stuff…

This was a box of vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses. I bought it for $3.00 🙂

I wanted these 2 boxes of flower pins and flower hair bobs… but they went for $25.00. I probably should have gone higher…

I did buy this 1940's print for myself..

Did I tell you that in the middle of the auction a rain storm broke out?

That green cordial set.. only sold for $25.00

This auction had several pieces of artwork.. there was an original Grandma Layton (sold for 1200), and 3 original William H Howe's (Sold for 475, 350, and 300.

Here's some of the stuff I bought…

My kids won't stop playing with that dang roulette wheel!

Peckham’s Pumpkin Patch.. Here We Come!

Something came over me Saturday and I decided to venture outside. (I’m not really an outdoor kind of girl) We headed to Peckham’s Pumpkin Patch in Rantoul, KS. If you haven’t been there.. you should go! They have tons of things for the family to do; mazes, slides, water races, chili cook offs!.. ohh.. and pumpkins.

Check out this wart-y number..

They have these huge tube slides that all the kids loved! #4 is just sure The Man

is going to install one at our house.

Here’s #1 getting ready to try out the slide.

#1 made it out OK!

#4 loved it!

Who’s this dude? We’ll just call him #.5 for now.

We loaded up the family and went in search of pumpkin.

And guess what.. We found some ..

Here’s The Man and #4 looking for the perfect pumpkin..

but what’s that?.. could that be #3? she’s approaching her father..

I bet she’s going to get him to carry her pumpkin for her.

Yes.. I believe that’s what she did!

What’s that #3? You forgot the rule of pumpkin patches everywhere?

“If you can’t carry the pumpkin you need a different one?”

Obviously #3 operates on a different set of rules.. like.. I’ll make my dad carry my pumpkins…

Look! #5 found a pumpkin.. (and he can carry it)

I’m glad they found a wagon!

This pumpkin looked like a good one to me.

Here’s #1, #.5, #2 and The Man.. on our hay ride back to the car.

#4 thought he was a real country boy with some hay in his mouth.

Here’s the cover of our Thanksgiving Card…. if you don’t get it.. please accept

this as my “Happy Thanksgiving” to you 🙂

This is Mr. Peckham.. If you go to his pumpkin patch.. he will show you a good time!

Cute hat too!

Here’s our Pumpkin Loot (oh and some juice jugs too)

Walking Tour of Ottawa or Hey I got a Flat Tire

I woke up this morning, had some scrambled eggs and grits and headed to my friends house.  We had a 9:30 meeting, then I planned on going to the coffee shop, finish my eBay article, plan the confirmation retreat, figure out how to post my confirmation class info on the internet so those kids could get the work they missed before our big “graduation”.

As I walked out of my friends house I saw this…

Please ignore the dirty car.. if you remember I have a good excuse.. I live in the middle of no where.

After much discussion I decided I would go to the coffe shop any way, call a few tire places and have them go fix the tire. I received several quotes of $75.  Being the cheap skate I am, I told The Man to come and get me when he was done at work.

These next photos.. are basiclly what I did from 1:00PM to 7:00PM

Here’s my little work station at The Potter’s Wheel (where you can get awesome sandwiches) I have everything there a girl could need.  My laptop, phone, earpiece, Blueberry iced tea, camera, Mp3 player, PayPal card holder, and box of eBay stuff to write up. (there’s also book on how to plan a retreat and a Girl Scout book)

I settled into my workstation, ate some lunch, and figured out that one of my nine pairs of headphones were not placed back into my bag after one of my children borrowed them.  I could not make it through the day without some headphones, so I headed down to Radio Shack.

I love this little area between two buildings, with the red bud hovering over the benches

This is the Franklin County Courthouse.  It was built by George Washburn (see the wood dude? I think that’s a carving of him)

The front view.. pretty building huh?

There’s the post office.. I’ve takes several packages there. The Ottawa Post office SCANS my boxes.

Here’s one of my favorite places to eat in Ottawa.  The cheese dip is awesome.

Tip Toe through the Tulips.. even in Kansas

Two blocks.. and we are at Radio Shack

Nice shot of Main Street.

War Memorial

See that.. right there.. that person in the black.. that’s our parking patrol.

They mark the tires of all the vehicles that sit on Main street.  If you sit more than 2 hours you are getting a ticket.  Normally I would be worried.. but since I have don’t have the wheels.. I have to rely on my Fit Flops.

I love the way this building looks.

Fabulous Artwork back at the coffee house.

I don’t live in Ottawa, and I’m not from there.  But it sure has grown on me since I came. The first time I visited this little town I thought “Holy Smokes all they have is a McDonald’s and a Sonic”.  But Ottawa is so much more than that.  It is where people know your name, and even if they don’t most people all smile and wave.

Around 7:00pm The Man showed up a the coffee shop. To some people being at the coffee shop all day would be nuts.. but I love it there.  I can put on my headphones and work on my article, eBay stuff or whatever.  If I feel like talking there is always someone there to talk to.

Here’s the man.. changing my tire 🙂

This is where he was telling me I would owe him royalties for taking his photo.

The spare…

It’s time for the lowering of the car…