Something to Sell on eBay.. Martha Stewart Cookie Cutters

Martha Stewart, Cookies, Copper Cookie cutters

These better be FABULOUS tasting cookies at this price!

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Chickens, Cows, & Sheeps OH MY!

We love to check the animals out at the fair. Here’s some of the one’s we saw this year.

This is a chicken… A very odd chicken.

This chicken’s feathers remind me of a leopard.. but in a chicken’s body.

How about these 2 beauties?

The perfect chicken.

Baby Cows..

This cow is getting vacuumed. I prefer to call it.. a blow dry.

I learned from this young man that the thing in left hand is a comb and the stick in his right, is well.. a stick.

The comb is for well.. combing.. and the stick is to help make the steer or heifer stand the way you want.

I never knew any of this..

One of the animals/people in this photo is named Jack. I’ll let you guess which one.

What is this?

My son swears it’s a sheep.. looks more like a poodle to me.

The Great Tamale Roll of 2009

It was a fun.. weird day. Today was the Tamale Roll for tomorrow’s 1st annual Tamale Fundraiser for the Youth Mission Stay. I haven’t blogged about the Mission Stay.. (just wait until August 2nd- 7th) But here’s an overview.

Instead of going somewhere for a Mission Trip the Middle School and High School youth groups are going on a Mission Stay. We are “staying” here where we live, and serving our community for a week.

We met at a friends house to rolled the tamales. We made Chicken and Beef. Here’s what we did… in photos of course!

Here’s the shredded beef, with the masa and corn husks.

Here’s the shredded grilled chicken, masa and corn husks.

The girls are really serious about rolling their chicken tamales.

The beef rollers seem serious.. but they really were not.

Maybe it was the paper flowers in the middle…

Here’s the Beef.. all steamed and ready to go..

Chicken.. ready to do their job… feeding the tired, poor masses yearning to eat some tamales.

Rolling the Tamales.. makes the girls tired…

** For those of you wanting the recipe for some Tamales.. I will try to post it tomorrow in the “cooking” section.