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Chickens, Cows, & Sheeps OH MY!

We love to check the animals out at the fair. Here’s some of the one’s we saw this year.

This is a chicken… A very odd chicken.

This chicken’s feathers remind me of a leopard.. but in a chicken’s body.

How about these 2 beauties?

The perfect chicken.

Baby Cows..

This cow is getting vacuumed. I prefer to call it.. a blow dry.

I learned from this young man that the thing in left hand is a comb and the stick in his right, is well.. a stick.

The comb is for well.. combing.. and the stick is to help make the steer or heifer stand the way you want.

I never knew any of this..

One of the animals/people in this photo is named Jack. I’ll let you guess which one.

What is this?

My son swears it’s a sheep.. looks more like a poodle to me.

Fair Food can Make You Chubby, but it Sure Tastes Good

I had plans yesterday to talk about my experience with Fair Food… but after #5 took several years off of my life by disappearing in the middle of the fairgrounds.. I couldn’t do anything but hold him all night.

So now that I am better.. I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about the food you get at the fair..

I don’t know what this is called… I believe it was refered to as “popcorn” But I’ve never had popcorn like this before. It was given to me my by my friend.. who is about 1/4 of an inch taller than me.. and is entering in the 3rd grade. (that’s his steel toed boot in the photo). I believe he won a purple ribbon for this concoction. It has Giant Rice Krispie’s, popcorn, tiny M&M’s, white chocolate and peanut butter. It was delicious.

(Note to self.. when this kid enters 6th grade he will need to bring this in order to enter in the youth room)

Yes.. these cucumbers were really this bright green.

Peppers or Squash anyone?

Some would say this isn’t fair food.. but it could be one day.. do you see #5 and the man in the background? I wonder what they are talking about?

This is the whole reason I go to the fair.. Giant Corn Dogs.. oh and to see #4 happy.

#5 holding up his giant corn dog.. see the fries on the napkin? They were scarfed down before I could take a photo.

ooo-ooH.. I love a good funnel cake too.

Scariest Night I’ve Had in a Long Time

The man and I took the kids to our County Fair tonight. I planned on watching the kids ride a few rides, and eat one of those enormous corn dogs.

It started out well… we checked out the baby cows, learned the difference between a steer and a heifer… Went in to check out the photographs, flowers and vegetables in Celebration Hall.. Everything was going great until #5 decided to go find his big sister #1. She had gone to ride a ride with #2. He would walk between the man and I.. who were just hanging out in this room that was about 40×25 looking at all the entries of the 4-H kids. When suddenly The Man and I noticed he was gone.

We searched everywhere for him, he was not inside the building. We went out on the fairgrounds, we told every person we knew that he was lost. I found one of our WONDERFUL Franklin County Sheriff’s.. and told him what happened.. gave him my name, cell phone number and the description on #5.

I continued to look for him.. I was standing in the middle of the carnival rides… and I felt like I was in a movie. You know the scene where the lights and everything are moving around you, but you are standing completely still, the room spinning? That’s what I felt like.

I thought this is the day that I will forever mark time by. My life won’t ever be the same…and then my cell phone rang. It was the Sheriff and he had #5.

I walked/ran over to the sheriff’s station and there he was standing there.

I wanted to squeeze him.. I wanted to kiss him.. and I wanted to spank his behind, But instead I asked the officer if I could take their photo together, and he said sure.

I’ve mentioned before that we quote movies all the time. One of our favorites is Austin Powers, The Spy who Shagged Me. #2 picked him up and said, "Don’t you ever do that again Mini Me." To which I said.. (in my Dr Evil voice) Can someone put a frickin’ bell on him or something?". It’s always good to laugh.. even when you feel like crying.

October 2021
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