Chickens, Cows, & Sheeps OH MY!

We love to check the animals out at the fair. Here’s some of the one’s we saw this year.

This is a chicken… A very odd chicken.

This chicken’s feathers remind me of a leopard.. but in a chicken’s body.

How about these 2 beauties?

The perfect chicken.

Baby Cows..

This cow is getting vacuumed. I prefer to call it.. a blow dry.

I learned from this young man that the thing in left hand is a comb and the stick in his right, is well.. a stick.

The comb is for well.. combing.. and the stick is to help make the steer or heifer stand the way you want.

I never knew any of this..

One of the animals/people in this photo is named Jack. I’ll let you guess which one.

What is this?

My son swears it’s a sheep.. looks more like a poodle to me.