The Ghost of Christmas Past.. or at Least 2008

Every year we go to Crown Center to celebrate #2's birthday and to see that fat dude in a red suit. I also take this opportunity to take a good Christmas Card photo of the kids. We are heading down there very soon to do this years photo. I was looking through my photos from last year and found some interesting things.

I have no idea why #4 has his tongue out.. but The Man thought it was pretty funny.

Even #1 thought it was funny.

Here's #3, #5, #4 and #2 with the big man.. Aren't they cute?

#1 won't sit on Santa's lap. She prefers to sip her coffee.

I wonder if she knows coffee will stunt her growth?

This was NOT the Christmas card picture.. any idea why?

Neither was this one.

After looking at these photos.. I don't think I sent out Christmas cards

in 2008. Maybe 2009 Christmas photos will be better… 🙂