Dance, Dance, Dance, Recital!

This year each and every Monday… and each and every Thursday I took these girls to dance. Here's the outcome of all those hours.


#3 and #3.5 in their Tap Dance costumes


They wore these masks for during their tap dance routine.  It was pretty cool.  You can see that dance HERE


 #3 Ballet Dance Costume  You can see the dance HERE


DSC09508#3.5 in her Jazz performance

DSCN7036#3.5 in her Jazz costume   Check her dance out HERE

DSC09535#3 in her Leaps & Turns costume.  You can check out her dance HERE


DSC09504#3 in the opening act.

DSC09495#3.5 in the dressing room

Prom 2014

This year I had 2 kids going to prom, #2 and #3.  #2 had gone last year (You can check that out HERE) with one of his good friends.


DSCN6898#2 and his beautiful girlfriend.



We tried on LOTS of dresses… have you looked for a prom dress lately?  It's really hard to find one that is not only age appropriate, and doesn't look like a Vegas show girl, fits correctly and doesn't show off all of a girl's parts. 🙂  We made the skirt, bought the lace top at Express and the tank top at Nordstrom's Rack. The skirt pattern Simplicity S0521 wasn't a hard pattern… but it had a very strange way to make the waistband, which made it harder than it should have been… Of course working with tulle was always a joy. 😉


DSCN6924These shoes were a FANTASTIC buy/find.  They are Badgley Mischka's and retail for $247.00.  We got them for $39. 🙂


At Ottawa High School it's pretty important HOW you make your entrance. Last year #2 made his grand entrance in his Uncle's Repo truck. 🙂  This year #3 entered in a Radio Flyer Wagon.






DSC09196We were not sure how she would get gracefully out of the wagon… and her beau picked her up. 🙂

alliemiddle2(photo by Chris Middlebusher)

alliemiddle1(Photo by Chris Middlebusher)

#2 brought his date in something a little more fancy than a Radio Flyer Wagon…


He arrived in a Jaguar.

jacobmiddle1(Photo by Chris Middlebusher)

#2 and his beautiful date walking the red carpet.

DSC09208Aren't they cute?!?!

Extreme Home Make Over Pep Rally…

I thought I had blogged about this weeks ago.. but I didn't.  Extreme Makeover Home Edition had a Pep Rally for the Kansas build.  Here are the pictures.

Hey.. you can still do this

#2 headed up to the Pep Rally!  That's the Marching Cobras in front of him…

What's a Pep Rally with out the best Basketball team?

The University of Kansas?

Um.. Hello Big Jay and Little Jay! I'm pretty sure I could be Little Jay if given the chance 🙂


Cute Nerd.. Nerdin' it up..

The Sponser Banner… Check it out #2's logo is on there!

#3 and her friends…

Here's #2 logo!

Here it is again… up on the BIG Screen.

Um… I want this purse.. Love the POPPIES! Ok back to #2..

He's pretty cute huh?  Not to shabby #2… Not to shabby…

MMMBop.. Or Holy Camoly Batman.. I think I saw Hanson

You remember Hanson right? They sang that MMMBop song?

I think they were eating just across the restaurant from me.

Don't you think?

Mmm bop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du..

I was hoping they were going to sing for me.. but they just sat there..

and ate their chips and dip.