Grounded – Denied – Time Out = ME

I want to take this time to describe who I am from 9:45pm July 12th to 9:46pm July 13th..

Websters Says:

Time Out: Pronunciation: \ˈtīm-ˈat\ Function: noun Date: circa 1896
1: a brief suspension of activity : break ; especially : a suspension of play in an athletic game
2: a quiet period used especially as a disciplinary measure for children
3. a brief suspension of play

You see I’ve been put in Time out.. or Grounded.. or Denied… My lovely ISP has grounded me because I have exceeded thier Fair Access Policy or “Bandwidth”. I didn’t do it all on my own.. My children helped me. We downloaded too much stuff, played too many games, uploaded too many photos.

So what’s a girl who makes her living on the internet do?

She goes to Panera and works there!

Work goes by faster if you take a cute kid with you.. I picked #3 today.

Not too bad of a work station.. and they have pretty good soup too!