The Bain of My Existence.. or at least Online Existence

Sometimes I believe this thing is the bain of my existence. It's a Hughesnet modem. If you don't know what a Hughes modem is.. you must live in a place with DSL or cable Internet service.. otherwise known as CIVILIZATION!

Because I live in the middle of NO WHERE.. our Internet service options are Dial up, Satellite (Hughes Net or Starband) or ZIPPO.. you know..nadda.. nothing.

After several hours on the phone with Hughes Net tech support we figured out our lovely modem died on us last night.

***Breaking News***

As I was writing this blog from the comfort of Panara Bread I just learned that the modem in fact DID NOT die, but Hughes Net is no longer broadcasting to our modem model. You'd think Tech Support would know that right?

Grounded – Denied – Time Out = ME

I want to take this time to describe who I am from 9:45pm July 12th to 9:46pm July 13th..

Websters Says:

Time Out: Pronunciation: \ˈtīm-ˈat\ Function: noun Date: circa 1896
1: a brief suspension of activity : break ; especially : a suspension of play in an athletic game
2: a quiet period used especially as a disciplinary measure for children
3. a brief suspension of play

You see I’ve been put in Time out.. or Grounded.. or Denied… My lovely ISP has grounded me because I have exceeded thier Fair Access Policy or “Bandwidth”. I didn’t do it all on my own.. My children helped me. We downloaded too much stuff, played too many games, uploaded too many photos.

So what’s a girl who makes her living on the internet do?

She goes to Panera and works there!

Work goes by faster if you take a cute kid with you.. I picked #3 today.

Not too bad of a work station.. and they have pretty good soup too!