Tuesday’s To Do

Tuesday’s TO Do’s

  • School the Monkey’s
  • Remind the Man to Fax stuff into the insurance company
  • Make phone call, Olathe Library, & CH (again no one called me back)
  • Write up eBay stuff (if I have time)
  • Write article
  • Plan Youth Group
  • Call Kaleidoscope about Girl Scouts and Youth Group Field Trip.
  • Find #4′s black ballet shoes
  • Dinner= Chili mac, some kind of vegetables
  • Girl Scout Registrations

To Do List February 2nd

Day 5 of my daily to-do list. It’s a new week.. and a new month..

  • Take #1 to the Dr
  • Wii Fit 30 minutes
  • Get my food and GS blog in order
  • Count Cookie Money
  • Write my Ask the eBay Queen Blog
  • Answer eBay emails
  • I lost all my blogs for January 11-17th Get those back up…
  • Clean my MESSY HOUSE
  • Figure out what to do now that OS Commerce is installed.
  • Make a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake for #4 (on the list until Friday)
  • Write up 10 eBay things.
  • Plan Youth Group for Wednesday
  • Write Article
  • Find #3’s Solo Dance costume.. something with a Cat in the Hat theme.
  • Plan eBay Charity auctions for Church Fundraiser
  • Plan meals next 2 weeks
  • School the monkeys