Needlepoint Update

#1 bought this needlepoint for mother’s day for me.  It is a Kirk and Bradley canvas, and when I received it I was pleasantry surprised at how BRIGHT this canvas was.  I had settled on a ribbon for the brightest pink, and ran out.  I looked everywhere for the same dye lot and color.  No luck.

After a little searching I did find a good replacement.

The Finished product:


I did the white and black in wool, the purple centers in velvet.  It’s hard to tell but the back in the center is sparkly.  I’m going to have this finished as a pillow.


Here’s what I am working on now:

This is an Elizabeth Turner Queen Bee canvas.  It is supposed to be finished into a mirror.  But I made the center  Initials.

Who Knew You Could Ship Something in Tupperware…

I bought a super cute needlepoint on eBay.  It was an  Elizabeth Turner sandal canvas. 

It arrived in just a couple of days after I purchased it.. The padded envelope was appropriate…

Everything looks ok here.. but wait.. is that a plastic container?

After closer inspection.. it indeed was a plastic container.  I've never seen this done before.. but it arrived in one piece right?