Needlepoint Update

#1 bought this needlepoint for mother’s day for me.  It is a Kirk and Bradley canvas, and when I received it I was pleasantry surprised at how BRIGHT this canvas was.  I had settled on a ribbon for the brightest pink, and ran out.  I looked everywhere for the same dye lot and color.  No luck.

After a little searching I did find a good replacement.

The Finished product:


I did the white and black in wool, the purple centers in velvet.  It’s hard to tell but the back in the center is sparkly.  I’m going to have this finished as a pillow.


Here’s what I am working on now:

This is an Elizabeth Turner Queen Bee canvas.  It is supposed to be finished into a mirror.  But I made the center  Initials.

Something’s Blooming

I'm not a gardener.  I wish I was. I try.. but I just don't like getting my hands dirty.  #1 and I have a deal.  I decide where things go, and buy the plants… and she does the gardening part.  Here are some of the fruits of years pasts labors. 🙂

Poppy, poppies, garden, english garden

My favorite flower… a poppy

Bee Balm,  with a poppy hiding behind it.. and some Salvia.


We transplanted 3 of these from the little house last year… they've taken over the garden from hell this year.


More Phlox

Poppies and Sweet Williams

pink tea roses

Baby Pink tea roses.

Red Climbing roses

Purple columbine

Are you a gardener?

A Poppy Here.. A Poppy There..

While I was avoiding working today.. I was checking out Etsy for some pretty poppy things.. Here's what I found.

Such a beautiful necklace…

Poppy Patch Textile Necklace $18.00 by Etsy Seller calexndra Check it out HERE

If this background was GREEN instead of blue.. it would be mine.

Modern Diaper Bag Big Poppies in Red $95.00 by Etsy Seller WatermelonWishes Check it out HERE

I would feel so special drinking out of these…

Glass Pitcher an Glasses with Poppy $32.00 by Etsy Seller CraftsNNat Check it out HERE

I need these for my new homeschool room design.

Felt Book Ends Red Poppies on Chocolate Brown $14.00 by Etsy Seller AnnaHailey Check it out HERE

This would look great in the new school room chair.

Pink Red Orange Poppies on Brown Decorative Pillow $40.00 by Etsy Seller PopOColor Check it out HERE

Funky.. and different from anything I wear.

Steampunk Necklace Poppy Necklace $24.00 by Etsy Seller JewelsbyJasmin Check it out HERE