Stuff That Sells On eBay: Finished Needlepoints


Set of 6 Finished Elsa Williams Needlepoint Chair Cover Seat Wool Madeira SOLD $980.00 by eBay Seller a-65 Check it out HERE


Elizabeth Bradley Needlepoint Animal Rug 69×89 SOLD 740.00 by eBay seller marshmallowdancingpines Check it out HERE


Incredible Large Vintage Santa Clause Father Christmas Mink Finished Needlepoint SOLD 575.00 by eBay Seller *antiques Check it out HERE


Set of 6 Completed Needlepoint Chair Seat Covers SOLD 349.00 by eBay Seller horsebirdgirl Check it out HERE


Vintage Bucilla Needlepoint Stocking Father Christmas by Rossi Finished SOLD 245.00 Check it out HERE

Something That Sells on eBay: Needlework Kits

How many times have you been to an estate or garage sale and saw an old needlework kit?  Maybe this will help you look differently at those kits now.


THE FARM New VTG Williamsburg ELSA Williams Embroidery Cross Stitch Sampler Kit  SOLD 521.51 by eBay Seller crewelworld Check it out HERE


Embroidery Kit The Examplarery /CCHS The Ann Marsh Sewing Roll-LC19  SOLD 370.00 by eBay Seller firestitcheb  Check it out HERE


Ehrman Tapestry Arcadia Needlepoint Kit SOLD 366.01 by eBay Seller petie797  Check it out HERE


Sunset Crewel Stitchery Holiday Stocking Kit Christmas Puppy Dog Gerrish 18” SOLD 345.50 By eBay Seller Shalu617 Check it out HERE 



The Scarlet Letter River Sampler Rare Stamped Embroidery X Stitch Complete SOLD 305.00 by eBay Seller penelope3 Check it out HERE