Dear eBay Queen, My sales stink! Help Me!

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve sold on eBay for 4 years now.  I do this full time to help support our family of 6.  November and December have been the worst months for me!  I have only sold about half of what I normally sell in November, and in December, I only sold about a quarter of what I normally do this time of year. I have looked back on my sales, and I have only sold 2 things in the last week!

What am I doing wrong?  Maybe I should just wait for this year to be over?  Every time I think I find something good to sell, I look at what it is selling for on eBay, and it seems like the value is diluted! I really want to make eBay work for me and my family.  I would love to impress my husband so that he doesn’t have to work as hard. I have included a link to my listings; could you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.


Dear Tessa:

I believe the keys to good sales, are:

  1. Great photos
  2. Accurately described products
  3. Fair or free shipping
  4. Good, descriptive titles

When I look at your items, I see that you sell mostly vintage and new designer jewelry.  This is a pretty saturated category, with over 3,200,000 items listed in the jewelry category.  Your listings look pretty good.  I would say you need to just tweak a few things to make your listings better.  I would add more photos. The Napier necklaces that you are selling only had one photo each, and those included your measuring tape.  I would suggest that you take 3 photos of each listing. Take one close up, one the whole item in the photo, and one with the colorful measuring tape showing the size of the item.  The only other issue is some of your titles are not using all of the characters that you are allotted.  I would definitely see if you can come up with a few more keywords to describe your items.

My December has not been that great either.  I don’t know if my issues were from problems with eBay search, or if it was my items themselves.  Here’s to hoping 2015 is better.


Dear eBay Queen:

I won a Burberry, new with tags raincoat on an auction on the 14th of December.  I paid 135.00 with $8.75 for shipping.  I paid for the coat within 3 hours of the end of the listing.  This is a present for my daughter, and I’ve been waiting for it to get here.  I’ve checked every day, and the seller had not posted this item yet.

I messaged them for the last 2 days and have not received a response.  I finally called the guy yesterday, and left a message.  Today I received a message on my cell phone, they TEXT ME!

“didnt make it to the PO. So sick Do U still want it?”

I text them back and tell them I do want the item, and I need it before Christmas.  They respond:

“dude it wont get there by xmas you might want to get something els”

 I then messaged them through eBay and told them I expected my item to be sent express or overnight.  I included copies of the texts they had sent me.  Do you think that was too harsh?  Maybe they didn’t want to sell it as cheap as I bought it for?  What should I do?


Dear JAG:

There could be 2 different things going on with this seller. 

  1. They are really sick.  If this is the case, I would not fault them for not getting your item out – they don’t deserve anyone’s wrath.
  2. If they have not sent the item because they were hoping for more money, they deserve every bit of ire you have to throw at them.

In this situation I would message them again and ask them to send the item out immediately.  If they do not mail the item within the next 24 hours I would file an INR or item not received claim against them.  Once the claim is opened they will have a certain amount of time to get the item to you or a refund.  Make sure you put in the claim that you still want the item.  If they do not send it out, I would most likely give a neutral or negative feedback because they kept the item because they were not happy with the price.

I hope you receive your daughters Christmas gift soon!


Strange eBay Item of the Week: 261425795099 Looking for a unique purse for New Year’s Eve? Look no further: eBay’s got you covered. Mary Frances On Ice Wine Bottle Bucket Champagne Bag New’s Handbag Purse SOLD: $298.00.


Something that Sells on eBay Unique Cocktail Shakers

I'm not a big drinker, but I love cocktail shakers.  Here are some of the top selling cool one's I've found on eBay.


How neat is this?

Harry’s New York Bar Cocktail Bar leather Case Handmade in Germany $6750.00 by eBay Seller harryspickmeup.  Check it out HERE


Antique 20th Century Gorham Hugh WWI Artillery Shell Cocktail Shaker & Server c 1915 SOLD 4995.00 by eBay Seller pushkin.antiques  Check it out HERE

shakers3I love this, and it has the original newspaper advertisement to go with it.

Exquisite Shreve Sterling Cocktail Shaker & Eight Nested Beakers SOLD 4335.00 by eBay Seller brdcorp Check it out HERE

shakers4This looks handmade.. If it is.. I'd figure out how to make more of these.

Fac-simile Eighteen Pounder Shrapnel Shell Cocktail Shaker Gotham? Sold $3506.00 by eBay Seller ruezone  Check it out HERE

shakers5How cool is this a trophy AND a cocktail shaker.

1931 Polo Trophy Onwetsia Club Oak Brook/Boston Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker SP SOLD $3500.00 by eBay Seller gaudygoodies Check it out HERE

Something That Sells on eBay: Needlework Kits

How many times have you been to an estate or garage sale and saw an old needlework kit?  Maybe this will help you look differently at those kits now.


THE FARM New VTG Williamsburg ELSA Williams Embroidery Cross Stitch Sampler Kit  SOLD 521.51 by eBay Seller crewelworld Check it out HERE


Embroidery Kit The Examplarery /CCHS The Ann Marsh Sewing Roll-LC19  SOLD 370.00 by eBay Seller firestitcheb  Check it out HERE


Ehrman Tapestry Arcadia Needlepoint Kit SOLD 366.01 by eBay Seller petie797  Check it out HERE


Sunset Crewel Stitchery Holiday Stocking Kit Christmas Puppy Dog Gerrish 18” SOLD 345.50 By eBay Seller Shalu617 Check it out HERE 



The Scarlet Letter River Sampler Rare Stamped Embroidery X Stitch Complete SOLD 305.00 by eBay Seller penelope3 Check it out HERE

Something that Sells on eBay: Vintage Albums

I get asked quite a lot to sell vintage albums and records. I never know anything about these things.. Here's the top sellers on eBay now.  I've never heard of any of these people have you?


Billy Nicholls Would You Believe L 1968 UK 1st Mint SOLD $12528.00 by eBay Seller psych_out!  Check it out HERE


Leonid Kogan & Silvestri Beethoven Orig b/s Sax 2368 UK 1960 LP Mint SOLD $10,099.99 Check it out HERE


Dr Z Three Parts to My Soul/Orig Vertigo Swirl UK LP 1971 Psych Prog SOLD 5,360.26 Check it out HERE


Billy Ward and his The Dominoes Federal 10” LP Record 295-94 VG+ Extremely Rare SOLD 5,000.00 by eBay Seller Colleenscollect Check it out HERE


Mark Fry/Dreaming with Alice Incredible Original Folk Psych Prog SOLD 4061.00 by eBay Seller member49859 Check it out HERE