What Should I Sell on eBay? Have you tried Vintage Catalogs?

While working on eBay charity auctions for my church.. I noticed quite a few old catalog donations.  Have you ever considered selling catalogs?  You should!

1.  vintage Mcmaster – carr catalog # 61 copyright 1955 Sold for $710.00  Check it out Here


3.  Vintage Whole Earth Catalogs Sold for $360.00 Check it out HERE

4.  E.H. Peckinpaugh Catalog 1930 Lure Fly fishing vintage Sold for $239.35  Check it out HERE.

5.  Simplicity 1950 Pattern Counter Book Catalog Vintage Sold for $217.87 Check it out HERE.

Who Knew a Back Brush would Sell so Well?

I love to shop at Marshalls. To check to see if you have a Marshalls in your area go here: www.marshalls.com I found these cute little shower brushes there one time. They had them on clearance for $3.00 each. They met all of my requirements to buy.. they were cute, interesting, and had an something collectible about them.

This one had a vintage Fly Fishing theme to it.

vintage back brush, marshalls, fly fishing, sexy pinup

Cute huh? I thought it would appeal to sailors, fly fisherman (or fisherwomen).

I also found this one…

She's cute.. and I thought she would appeal to cowgirls (and cowboys). And just people that wanted to have a shower brush.

I bought one of each kind and put them on eBay. The blue one sold for $32.00 and the pink one for $28.00. I went to EVERY Marshalls in the area, and bought the rest of them!


A little side note… I bought 2 pairs of shoes at Marshalls, for $5.00 a piece. I wore them a couple of times, and didn't really like them too much. One pair was a tiger print and the other zebra. The looked similar to this.

I sold the zebra pair for $46.00 and the tiger pair for $56.00..only just a couple of reasons WHY I love Marshalls.