Rummage Sale!

Sacred Heart Catholic Church has a rummage sale twice a year.  We went to one in the spring and got a few good things… Here's what happened at this one.

We were first in line 🙂  Which usually means a good thing.. but sometimes there isn't a lot there.. so it doesn't matter where you are in line. 🙂

It appears these 3 got the memo to match today.

Curly Joe.. aka #6 did not get the matching clothing memo.

The line was getting long…

#5 was getting hot…

#3.5 sitting with some of our junk..

Overview of the sale.

Here we are with some of our stuff..

More of what I bought.. Not a lot of junk.. but a few things 🙂

Auction Finds…

Monday I went to Strickers Auction. If you've never been there, it will fascinate you.

They had some really neat bulbs and flowers..

I forgot about these dishes.. and left before they got to them 🙁

See the guy with 109 in his pocket? That's 109.. see the other guy? That's Jerry Stricker.. he owns the place. He auctions the junk outside.

Rows of stuff

I love that first shelf.. but don't have any place for it.. well maybe the school room. I love that yellow lamp but not the shade. The buffet table wanted to come home with me.. but I didn't want The Man to have a cow.

Check out this car.. it's where the clerk sits.. in the heat or a/c. Pretty unique huh?

Here's Ron Stricker.. he auctions on the inside.

Setting up on the inside.

Panara Trash cans anyone?

Here's What I got…

Old Photos and Albums.

**Also under there is some pretty cool boutique purses, and jewelry.

Lenox pieces, new snow globes and other junk..

2 HUGE filing cabinets.. to file eBay junk.

Saturday’s Auction Finds..

I went to Eastern Kansas Auction Barn on Saturday.. to see what they had. I thought it would be a pretty good auction, because they had some good stuff and only a handful of people… But I was wrong.

Stuff sold pretty high… there were about 4 buyer there that would pay almost any amount for ANYTHING.

That's a big cup!

Cute pink plates.

Old Sailboat nesting mixing bowls..

I'm diggin' Barry's hair..

Little glass animals..

How about a Fiesta gravy boat?

My best find.. two of these pig bowls

Stuff I bought.. looks like a lot.. but it's not.

Saturday’s Auction Finds…

eastern kansas auction barn

Saturday I headed to the Eastern Kansas Auction Barn for a good and FAST auction. They had some interesting things….

There were lots of dolls. I did buy quite a few EVEN though I swore I would never sell another doll again. Doll buyers are quite unusual.. and I never seem to know exactly what they want described.

I didn't get any photos.. of the stuff… but I purchased a LOT of homeschool curriculum. I think a teacher dropped off every bit of teaching stuff she had.. I bought it. (whoo hoo)

They had a pretty good crowd.

I really wanted these lockers… sold for 12.50. The man would not have been happy if I bought them..

I wanted this trunk.. there was some pretty cool stuff in it.. and the trunk would have been nice to have.. I missed the sale on it.. and it (along with the contents) sold for 2.00!

You can't tell by this picture.. but this owl was HUGE.. like 30" tall huge. If he didn't have the chip on the ear.. I just might have tried for him.


I left with 1 1/2 car loads of stuff… I totally failed and didn't take pictures of all the stuff I got… 🙁