Something to Sell on eBay: Pencils

vintage pencils, something to sell on eBay

Cool Golf Club Pencil.. made in 1880

S. Mordan & Co Silver Novelty Golf Club Mechanical Pencil SOLD $743.01 by eBay Seller penstoreuk. Check it out HERE

This wasn't the kind of pencil I was talking about.. but seriously?

60 ybf Automatic Eyebrow Pencil Taupe Sold $704.00 by eBay Seller johnhimm Check it out HERE

Antique Pen and Pencil with Scales & Seal SOLD $564.94 by eBay Seller pa925ul Check it out HERE

I know this isn't a pencil.. but it's pretty cool..

Beatles Original Pencil Shape Zip Vinyl Case 1964 Rare Sold $330.25 by eBay Seller alpine metals Check it out HERE

Vintage Knock Type Pentel Sharp 0.5 Mechanical Pencils Sold $260.00 by eBay seller digitalfisherman Check it out HERE