Do You Garden? The eBay Queen Doesn’t…

I need to tell you I am not a gardener. I wish I was a gardener.  I wish that I could look at dirt and grass surrounding a house and say.. “We shall do this… ” and it would be done, grow and look beautiful. That doesn’t happen with me.  We built our house (the house that eBay built) about 9 years ago, and it STILL does not have ANY  landscaping.

Last year I worked my behind off to make a garden or two.  I plotted, and planned.

#1 (last year) Digging rocks out of what was suppose to be the new rose garden.

This is right by our drive way (see the cars? <img src=” ) #1 and I thought a fabulous rose garden would look great right here.  It never really happened.. You know why?  See those 2 trees? They “leaf out” over the drive way.. but for some reason the bushes would not grow.  So we moved them. Not the trees.. the roses.  (photos to come later)

See those rocks.. we grow those.. You can’t put a shovel an inch in the ground without seeing one of those rocks.  (oh.. that’s child #1 and child #2)

See those rhododendrons up on the porch? I planted those last year… they didn’t’t come back this year.

We call this #5 in a Sponge Bob blanket

This is what I want the stairs up to my house to look like.

You should know.. my house doesn’t look like this. I have the rocks.. but don’t know how to use them.

Here’s the Man digging..

#2.. who knows what he’s doing

Here’s the youngest 4 children..

Here is my success story.  I planted these last year.. and they came back with a vengeance!

Mothers Day is coming up, and I hope the Man and his 5 children take me to the garden center… so I can pick out some new plants that will die I mean grow.