New Years Resolutions?



I think I make resolutions every year.  I keep some.. some I don't.  Here are the one's I think I'm making this year.

  • Exercise.. not to lose weight (but if I do it's a bonus) but to be able to run after #6 when I'm like 84 or something.
  • Make my e-commerce website a priority.
  • List more junk on Amazon… even if it takes me FOREVER.. (just do it)
  • Figure out if I really need 9 email addresses.
  • Go out with The Man at least twice a month
  • Take time to hang out with friends.
  • Plan more event things to do at Youth Group
  • Get the City Wide Youth Group Leader thing going
  • Clean and organize the closet's and dressers in my house
  • Get the kids rooms in order
  • Make my laundry room more pleasant
  • Take a vacation with the family
  • Have more get togethers at our house
  • Get a freakin' hair cut. I haven't had my hair cut since HERE (October of 2009)
  • Grade my papers the week they are done.. and put them in my grading program.
  • Spend more quality time with my children individually.

I know there are more.. but that's all I can think of right now.

Happy New Year.. Or Something…

One of my favorite quotes..

New Years is a weird time for me.. I've always wanted to be a resolution kind of girl.. but I never really keep them.

This year I'm a little too superstitious to make any resolutions… It hit me yesterday that I was *REALLY* going to have a 6th child… Does a mother with *that* many children need to make a resolution? Does a soon to be mother of a newborn, with MY advanced maternal age need to make any resolutions besides.. SLEEP MORE?

What I'd like my resolutions to be:

  • Give birth and walk out of the hospital looking like a movie star
  • clean and organize the 2nd story of my house
  • clean and organize my kitchen cabinets
  • install the knobs on my cabinets
  • grade all my papers within 2 days of them being completed by my students
  • Iron The Man's shirts
  • Get all my junk on my website
  • Clean the basement
  • travel more

What's probably going to happen:

  • Give birth and leave the hospital looking like I looked when I walked in the place
  • beg my children to clean their rooms.. and they shove everything into the closet
  • Clean the junk drawer and realize this is just too much work
  • realize the holes aren't drilled and give up on this.. as I've done every year..
  • grade my papers at the dining room table.. at midnight before the semester ends.
  • iron one of his shirts on the 2nd of January and realize I was not made to iron…
  • See this blog
  • HA! Really.. this is funny..
  • All I need is money.. unless you are talking about traveling to the post office..