Christmas 2015


Every year we go to Crown Center and Union Station to visit Santa and take a few Christmas pictures.


wpid-20151214_124603.jpgIt takes a lot of work to get everyone in place.


Everyone loves the Baby!


The Baby loves Elmo.

wpid-wp-1450761255837.jpgI think #4 smelled something funny.




Some might wonder where #1 is… She decided about 10 years ago she was “too old” .. You know what that means?  Santa doesn’t give her any presents!


The Holiday Express



wpid-20151214_133340.jpgWhen #2 was little, we would visit a toy store with Brio trains or Union stations model trains and I told him it was time to leave..  he would look at me and say “I’m going to throw a fit.”  Here all of the boys are throwing a fit.

wpid-20151214_134634.jpgHere is our album cover.. hitting stores in 2017.. (not really)



wpid-20151214_195524.jpgMerry Christmas from the Eads!

Last Week in Pictures..

franklin couty courth house, ottawa, Kansas

My week started off at this lovely courthouse. Monday was the big day for the stalking trial.  In short, we won… and I'll tell you all about it soon.  I've had lots of emails from you asking if it was a reader of my blog etc.. I'll answer all those questions in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

patti mann, pig, ballerina, needlepoint ornament

It was a busy week.. but I had some downtime and finished a super cute Patti Mann Ballerina Pig Christmas Ornament.

boiled peanuts,

I found out that Walmart (in Kansas) has boiled peanuts.  Some of you are gagging.. but they are some good stuff.. they are better if you get them at a roadside stand in the back roads of south Georgia.

This is #6.. he's one sick baby.  All of my children have been sick in the last 2 weeks. One sick child can make your week long, 7 will make it seem like a month.

There was a big sale this week.. I stood/waited to get in about 2.5 hours. If you are wondering if i bought anything.. I think the next photo will give you the answer.

Full vehicle…

I filled the van a couple of times.

Old Time Pottery

I saw a few giraffes in Old Time Pottery.  I was there buying plates for our church's advent craft night.

I went to a couple of estate sales.

Which means I have a messy house.

No seriously.. this is in my dining room.

Old Time Pottery, glasseware

While I was in Old Time Pottery I saw these 2 glasses. If you are related to me.. I would like some of these for Christmas.

Sunday night was our church's Advent Craft Night.  Here are some ornaments that were made!