I’ve Been Turned in for Neglect…

#6 eating his bubbie.. looking cute in a sunsuit…

I was reminded today by my son.. #2 that I've neglected my blog. I knew I had.. and I have a good excuse really… Here they are.. you can pick one 🙂

  1. I'm tired.. and not because #6 is home keeping me up all night. He's not home yet.. hopefully soon… The exhaustion is due to my medication and head and neck pain… I couldn't sleep.
  2. My medication has made me loopy and I can't focus.. Seriously.. I've been off my blood pressure medication for just a few days.. and feel better. Not 100% but better.
  3. My head and neck are seriously messed up. I've had one trip to see Dr. Hull and I feel better. I'm excited about our meeting on Thursday….
  4. I've been spending ever spare minute (that I felt good) with #6 in the NICU.
  5. I also had all the other stuff that I am suppose to do.. but have been neglecting..

See those are good reasons right?