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I’ve Been Turned in for Neglect…

#6 eating his bubbie.. looking cute in a sunsuit…

I was reminded today by my son.. #2 that I've neglected my blog. I knew I had.. and I have a good excuse really… Here they are.. you can pick one 🙂

  1. I'm tired.. and not because #6 is home keeping me up all night. He's not home yet.. hopefully soon… The exhaustion is due to my medication and head and neck pain… I couldn't sleep.
  2. My medication has made me loopy and I can't focus.. Seriously.. I've been off my blood pressure medication for just a few days.. and feel better. Not 100% but better.
  3. My head and neck are seriously messed up. I've had one trip to see Dr. Hull and I feel better. I'm excited about our meeting on Thursday….
  4. I've been spending ever spare minute (that I felt good) with #6 in the NICU.
  5. I also had all the other stuff that I am suppose to do.. but have been neglecting..

See those are good reasons right?

Excuses.. Family and other Tales..

In case you were wondering… I am alive and blogging again. Last Thursday (January 27th).. I went to see a perinatal specialist about my pregnancy induced hypertension. They put me in the hospital that very day. I thought I would be in the hospital for a couple of weeks and then deliver the baby… but as it turns out my blood work was not so good. I had an emergency C-Section and #6 was born.

Here is our new baby… that's #2's hand holding his foot up.

#6 was born at 33 weeks,.. and will be spending a few weeks in the NICU. He is doing really well. He has been breathing on his own since he was born, and we are now just waiting for him to eat on his own and keep his own body heat.

The Man.. and #6

While her father and I were having babies.. #1 held the fort down.. taking care of the all the monkeys.. and the eBay business. Apparently this was not an easy job, because #5 was super upset that I was gone.

Here's what #2 was doing…

#2 went with me to my dr's appointment on Thursday, and ended up staying with me (at the hospital) until Saturday… then came back and stayed with me until Tuesday. He fed me ice chips, help me out of bed, kept me company when I couldn't sleep.. He's a pretty good kid. 😉

On Monday we had a little excitement… my blood pressure wouldn't go down, so they had to give me IV Labetalol treatments (6 of them).. That's my chart above with time, BP reading and meds given.. You can see I started out with a BP of 220/102 and ended (FINALLY) with 138/60. I'm doing so much better now, and will be doing FANTASTIC when this little number comes home…

Here's #6…

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