Something that sells on eBay Vintage Trifari Jewelry

I went to an estate sale last week that had LOTS of costume jewelry.  Many pieces were Trifari.  While doing a little research I saw these high sellers.


This is a rare set referred to as the "Jewels of India"

Vintage Trifari Necklace Earring Bracelet and Pin Set Jewels of India SOLD $3422.00 By eBay Seller bianchifam  Check it out HERE



Large 1940’s Crown Trifari Signed Pave Pin/Clip large Bird Green Topaz Set Sold $3075.00 by eBay Seller mattgarrtay Check it out HERE 


#1 loves Wisteria.. I think she'd like this too.

Vintage Rare Crown Trifari Large Blue Wisteria Enamel & Crystal Pin SOLD 1495.00 By eBay Seller good4me2 Check it out HERE 


Trifari Philippe Blue & White Moonstone Fruit Salad Giant Floral Spray Pin Clip SOLD $1175.00 by eBay Seller n_and_n_jewelry Check it out HERE 


This one reminds me of a crown.

1940’s Rare Large Trifari Sterling Gold Vemeil Bird Brooch 3 ¼ SOLD 1111.00 by eBay Seller universalgems1111  Check it out HERE 

Last Week in Pictures..

franklin couty courth house, ottawa, Kansas

My week started off at this lovely courthouse. Monday was the big day for the stalking trial.  In short, we won… and I'll tell you all about it soon.  I've had lots of emails from you asking if it was a reader of my blog etc.. I'll answer all those questions in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

patti mann, pig, ballerina, needlepoint ornament

It was a busy week.. but I had some downtime and finished a super cute Patti Mann Ballerina Pig Christmas Ornament.

boiled peanuts,

I found out that Walmart (in Kansas) has boiled peanuts.  Some of you are gagging.. but they are some good stuff.. they are better if you get them at a roadside stand in the back roads of south Georgia.

This is #6.. he's one sick baby.  All of my children have been sick in the last 2 weeks. One sick child can make your week long, 7 will make it seem like a month.

There was a big sale this week.. I stood/waited to get in about 2.5 hours. If you are wondering if i bought anything.. I think the next photo will give you the answer.

Full vehicle…

I filled the van a couple of times.

Old Time Pottery

I saw a few giraffes in Old Time Pottery.  I was there buying plates for our church's advent craft night.

I went to a couple of estate sales.

Which means I have a messy house.

No seriously.. this is in my dining room.

Old Time Pottery, glasseware

While I was in Old Time Pottery I saw these 2 glasses. If you are related to me.. I would like some of these for Christmas.

Sunday night was our church's Advent Craft Night.  Here are some ornaments that were made!

Lame.. but Sometimes that’s How the Estate Sale Goes…

We had a few errands to run today.. and while we were out we found this estate sale.  There wasn't a whole lot of stuff there.. and what was there was WAY expensive.

The house was beautiful on the outside.. and had a fabulous pool.

Which makes me think of this commercial…

 where the old lady says: "I'm going to change the pool boy into a pool man"  Makes me laugh 🙂

Ok.. back to me complaining…

They had some jewelry.. nothing fancy with names.. but they wanted 12.00 each for it.

Nice looking house.. with #2 yakking on the phone.

Coolest thing I saw… and should be the official game of our Family.

Our cat… Ivana is not Impressed.

I Know What You Did This Summer…

A little re-cap of my Summer that went by way to fast…

May 2012

I helped my mother and father in law set up their estate sale.. This was so much fun!

Love these crock bowls!

I rescued a kitten that had been either thrown from a car or had been run over. 

This is Bessie.  She's doing great!

We went to a birthday party and saw this kid dance..

#3 and #6 dancing

We learned that no matter how easy it is to get IN the recycling bin..

It's always harder to get out..

June 2012

I went on a Mission Trip to Ogala, South Dakota…

with these people….

When I came back from the trip.. I learned that we hung around someone that had Whooping Cough.. which means..

We all had to get shots.

My "wedding ring" turned 4 years old…

Who knew plastic would last this long?

July 2012

I took a bunch of kids out for my birthday…

Here's my rear view look of them. (you can't see #6 he's in a baby seat behind me and #1 is pumping gas)

Cute kids.

The Man, my mom and my siblings surprised me at one of my favorite places to eat..

My family.. that's a lot of kids 🙂

I went to quite a few estate sales, garage sales and rummage sales.  The coolest thing I found?

This wedding invitation from 1974.. that belonged to a couple I go to church with!

I did some cleaning..

but the place is still a mess..

My baby brother got married…

Pretty dang cute aren't they?


August 2012

I watched a lot of the Olympics.

We bought a "Drivers Ed" car

Cleaning out the Drivers Ed vehicle..

We took a little trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art..