Cat Mint will Make a Good Cat Go Bad

This is Cat Mint.. not mine…. my plant looks like this..

It doesn’t look too bad here right?  Unless you knew that it had

about 12″ of growth on it and was really full and lush (I love

that word..).

cat mint, cat drugs

The arrows show what my druggie cat has done to my plant.

I sprinkle ground red pepper on it.. and the culprit (Mr Bigglesworth

aka “my druggie cat”) isn’t too crazy about it any longer.  Hopefully

it will grow big and bloom.

He’s not sure what to make of it.  I wish I had video of him

shaking his head and sneezing.

And a Good Spring Day to You!

This morning I thought I would wake up and see this…

Maybe I should re-state that.  I thought it was going to be the first day of spring,

and if I drove to the back field I would see baby cows… Instead this is what I saw….

There’s about 6″ here so far… What is going on in the world? Why

is it snowing like this in KANSAS on the first day of spring?

Yesterday my iron basket was BEGGING to have flowers planted in it..

now look at it..  Full of snow.  I know my boyfriend, Gary Lezak

says it has something to do with el nino.. but really.. it’s suppose to be SPRING!

We looked out back and saw Mr. Bigglesworth inside the smoker.

Don’t feel bad for the cat.  He’s an inside cat (when he wants to be).

He’s hunting… You see what the photo doesn’t show is hanging from

the tree above him is a bird feeder.  I made a mouse only rule

for him, but like all species that lives in my home he’s disobedient.

I hope spring is more “Spring-Y” where you are!