Who Knew You Could Ship Something in Tupperware…

I bought a super cute needlepoint on eBay.  It was an  Elizabeth Turner sandal canvas. 

It arrived in just a couple of days after I purchased it.. The padded envelope was appropriate…

Everything looks ok here.. but wait.. is that a plastic container?

After closer inspection.. it indeed was a plastic container.  I've never seen this done before.. but it arrived in one piece right?

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 2: Color

Today's photo challenge is color.  I thought I would take a few photos of the Wellsville Elementary School library.  When I think of color, I think of that place.  Except today while I was sitting in there waiting for #4 to be done with speech… I looked around, and it's not a colorful as I thought… 

So…. I took a photo of my current needlepoint project I am working on.

This has color.. right?

This is a Melissa Shirley Design.  Melissa Shirley is one of my favorite needlepoint artists.   She has a great sense of color.. and her designs are fabulous.

While At the Auction… I saw and bought…

Last night I hung out at Strickers Auction…  here's what I saw…

moon and stars cookie jar

Moon and Stars Jardinaire…sold for 35.00 with the bowl underneath.

Old games.. and doll furniture

Funny picture.. men checking out rhinestone jewelry.  ** a little note.  I can't EVER buy rhinestone jewelry here because it goes pretty high.

strickers auction

Some of the junk.. and the crowd

Ron Stricker, Cobalt blue glassware, auctions, gardner, Kansas

Ron selling a lot of cobalt blue glassware.

cherry mash, toliet seat, rare things, bathroom items

Here's something you don't see everyday… A Cherry Mash toilet seat.  I have no idea how this faded…(I'm not sure I want to know either)  but I bet it would have been a pretty good seller on eBay.

Inside the auction…

fancy vintage fan, fan, beautiful victorian

OoooF I love this fan.  (I didn't buy it.)

star wars figures in case

I wanted this.. I was inside when it sold.. and forgot to tell #2 to bid on it.

needlepoint, orange vintage cake plate

I love needlepoint.. this was a crate full of it.. and that orange metal lunch pan is pretty awesome too.  I won this crate.. along with all of this:

I'm not even sure what all this stuff is… but it's mine now.

old film canister

Need movies?

cool, old skinny door, with great hardware

Cool old door.  Check out that hardware!

vintage plane mobile

#2 wanted this.

refridgerator, stainless steel, at the auction

They had these 2 new stainless steel fridges.  The Man came to the auction just to bid on these.  They went WAY to high.. almost retail for them. ūüôĀ

a bunch of head vases, head vase, old ladies head vases

Cute little ladies..

a christmas story, major award

It's a Major Award! (what movie is that from?)

Four Shabby Chic white crackle-y chairs..

I wanted this.. It's such a cool hand made sink…

Here's what I bought

Auction Buys…

More loot..

Hello shabby new dining room chairs… some of you might be counting only 4 chairs and realize there are 8 in my family.  You would be right.. BUT I like to mix my furniture up a bit.. and these will do that nicely ūüôā

Silverware.. stoneware bowl.. and some spray paint for all that tagging I like to do!

(just kidding on the tagging…)


Something to Sell on eBay: Needlework Kits

Anytime I’m at estates sales, auctions or garage sales, I always look for needlework kits or patterns.¬† Here’s why. ūüôā

needlework, kits, what to sell on ebay, eBay help, ebay queen

Reminds me of Sunbonnet Sue.

Vintage Eva Rosenstand/Clara Waever Cross Stitch Kit SOLD $410.00 By eBay Seller Nikkiprm.  Check it out HERE.

Here’s what the seller has to say:

This wonderful counted cross stitch kit from Denmark was purchased in the late 1970s or early 1980s and was never worked.¬† The kit is number 12-479.¬† The design is based on a watercolor by Swedish artist Carl Larsson and depicts an early 1900s Swedish kitchen.¬† The kit is complete and contains cream 24 or 25 count linen (approximately 30 ¬Ĺ inches by 21 ¬Ĺ inches), Eva Rosenstand cotton threads, 2 needles, 4 thread organizers, and an extra large, easy-to-read stitch chart.¬† Instructions are written in English as well as Danish and German.¬† Also included is a copy of the watercolor print shown in the eBay photo.¬† The kit has not been worked but some of the thread has been put into one of the thread organizers.¬† The kit is in excellent condition and will make a wonderful heirloom when completed.

daisy, needlework

This is so beautiful!  I love the daisies!

Eva Rosestand X-Stitch Table Cloth Kit #3183 Sold $355.00 by eBay Seller tk18222  Check it out HERE

Here’s what the seller has to say about this:

Kit includes- floss, needle, thread palette,& instructions. Pattern for a 140 x 205 cm Table cover.¬† FABRIC is NOT INCLUDED with this kit.¬† Kit is in a re-sealable handled “tote” bag.

Needlepoint is my drug of choice ūüôā¬† I love this!

Ehrman Kaffe Fassett Fruit Wall Hanging Needlepoint Kit Sold $344.99 by eBay Seller biscat9  Check it out HERE.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this kit:

This is a¬†gorgeous needlepoint kit for a wall hanging from Ehrman of England and designed by Kaffe Fassett¬†entitled Victorian Fruit.¬† It features fabulous pears, apples, lemons, oranges, strawberries, peaches and plums against a stunning raspberry background!¬† The color, shading¬†and detail is fantastic as is usual with Kaffe’s designs!¬† This kit is new, never started and complete in its original packaging.¬† It comes with the design printed in full color on the 8 mesh double weave Penelope canvas, lovely Paterna Persian wool tapestry yarn, a chart for assisting in stitching the fabulous design, needle,¬†instructions and a carrying bag with a picture of the finished kit on it.¬† The finished design measures a fabulous 27″ tall by 27″ wide which will make it a wonderful piece of art for your home!¬† Grab this bargain while it lasts!

Vintage Progress Iris Appliqué Quilt Kit Sold $235.00 by delightfulgarden.  Check it out HERE.

Here’s what the seller has to say:

This is a Progress quilt kit # 1403 “The Iris “. It measures 81′ x 99” and is stamped¬† on a yellow background. There is a sample fabric piece on the front of the envelope and next to it is the word “Gold” so it’s probably a special edition. The kit includes stamped yellow quilt top, bias tape for stems and quilt edge, instructions, and stamped appliqu√© pieces.

I have this same quilt kit in white and noticed that this kit did not come with the gold¬† appliqu√© fabric so I will include a photo copy of my stamped fabric¬† so you can make your own appliqu√©s. I’ve purchased a few kits with incomplete appliqu√©s and I’m sure the seller had no clue, and you can easily make up your own, but it would be nice to have a copy for any detail embroidery stitches.

The quilt top is in good condition with some barely visible yellowing along the center fold. I didn’t include a picture because it didn’t show up. The 3rd picture shows a yellow stain in the corner of the quilt which is to the right of the number 196.

The bias tape for the stems is cut with some still remaining on the card along with the green bias tape for the edging. The bias stems were sewn in place on 2 corners and all the side, top and bottom flowers. 1 corner is partially done and the 4th  corner has no stems sewn in place. There are no stems sewn on the center flowers nor are any appliqué pieces cut or sewn on.

McKenna Ryan Where Friends Gather Quilt Kit Sold $182.49 by eBay Seller trulyso  Check it out HERE

Here’s what the Seller has to say:

Came from a local auction, along with other quilting kits, fabric, embroidery kits, patterns,magazines,books, sewing accessories etc. NEW  shipping is 13.50 in USA, foreign email first.

from Pine Needles, McKenna Ryan Christmas quilting kit called When Friends Gather. There are 8 patterns and 8 fabric kits for each pattern.

1. Sharing the Light 28 1/2″ x 23 1/2″ (Santa and reindeer in mountains looking onto a snow covered village)

2. Jingle Bear Rock 17″ x23 1/2″¬† ( 3 bears playing in an outside xmas tree angel with heart on top)

3. Reindeer Games 38 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ ( reindeers frolicking in snow trying to form a snowman with their antlers)

4. Nuttin’ for Christmas¬† 21″ x13″ ( squirrel gathering acorns and placing them in stockings on fence)

5. Making Spirits Bright¬† ¬†16″ x40″ (3 snowmen on top of each other)

6. Dashing through the Snow¬† 32″ x 14 1/2″ ( looks like otter or seals?) sliding thru snow heading to water

7. Comfy Cozy are We¬†¬†¬† 22 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ ( wreath with snowman head with floppy hat and moustache)

8. The Gathering table runner¬† 47″ x 20 1/2″ ( geese with winter scarves gathering on pond)

Merry Cox Williamsburg Sewing Case Kit Sold $177.50 By eBay seller Willow95670  Check it out HERE

Here’s what the seller says about it:

I am downsizing my collectibles and needlework stash. This auction is for The Williamsburg Sewing Case Kit by Merry Cox.¬† I took this workshop and stitched some of the front cover during class.¬† I haven’t touch it since.¬† It was a fun class and I liked the piece.¬† But life got in the way.

All of the fabric and threads are in the kit, including the lining fabric, batting and interfacing.  Needles are included, even a curved needle for the finishing.

The instructions have a few hand written notes I made during the class..