A Glimpse of Black Friday 2014


In Black Friday's past I was pretty excited to go out and find some bargains.  This year because of the person that rear ended #2 it took the fun out of the day.  We had to borrow a car, because one car was in the shop, while the other car was well… smashed.   I've been worried about buying another car so close to Christmas..you know all that fun stuff.  Not to mention #2 has been having severe headaches, and short term memory loss.

black2014friday2It appears we have a Starbucks, Quick Trip problem. Good thing Grandpa's truck has lots of cup holders.


We have several stores we go to on Black Friday, no matter what the sale.  Target, Old Navy, Marshall's, Wal-mart.

black2014friday4#2 walked around Target with this mask on… and it was just this moment that #1 realized he was doing it.

Dear Old Navy..

Dear Old Navy;

You should know that I love you, and not just because you gave me this:

It is my lucky day!


I won a pair of jeans just by following them and RE-Tweeting them on Twitter! Whoo HOO!  

I wish I still had my receipt to show you how I spent $202.00 and save $640.00 before Christmas.  Or .. when I was notified of a sale on Twitter that all coats were 75% off.  I bought several coats for under 14.00!   Pretty much I love Old Navy!

Thanks for the jeans!

Black Friday.. It’s not for the tired..

Black Friday… one of the days #1 and I look forward to all year long. We love the bargains, and people watching.. but mostly love the time we get to spend together. We make a list on Thanksgiving Day of all the things we need, and figure out what time we need to be there to get those things.

You didn't really think I was going to show you the list did you?

This Black Friday morning we left the house at 3:45AM and

headed up to Target in Olathe, Kansas. Target was

having a sale on a couple of things we needed and one thing

Patrick needed.

We arrived at Target around 4:30AM. There was already a HUGE

LINE. The white arrow is where the corner of Target starts…

the red arrow is where Patrick and #1 are waiting. The line got

even longer as it got closer to 5:00AM. (When Target opened)

Here's #1 and Patrick waiting with their SUPER COOL bags

Target handed out to the first 500 people in the store.

Here's Patrick loading up "the beast". I highly recommend having Patrick go shopping with you.. why? He loads the car,pushes the cart through the traffic jams (so we can go on ahead and shop).

We shopped at several places.. Target, Old Navy, Avenue, Starbucks, Michael's, Mardel, Hobby Lobby, S Scents, Apple Store, and Costco.

I think when you go to bed as late as we did (12:30AM) and leave as early as we did.. you are pretty tired. That is what I'm going to

blame what happened next on.. being tired. Around lunchtime we

headed to On The Border restaurant. Like most Mexican

restaurants they serve chips and salsa.

Patrick thought the chips were rather large and decided to

karate chop them in the bowl.

Patrick (being exhausted) didn't realize how funny that was to

#1 and I.

He still doesn't realize we are laughing because of his "karate".

I believe he get's it now…

Really.. It was funny.. or maybe we were exhausted and that made

it funny.

Some of our loot.. This year I'm sad to say we did not go to Toys R Us.

We've gone every year.. but this year, we decided there wasn't anything

we needed THAT bad. You see when we go to Toys R Us one of us stands in the already formed check outline.. while the other shops! There is always a line to get into Toys R Us, and a line to check out. This check out line wraps and weaves in and around the store.

I told you she was tired.. She's sleep walking! Rest up #1 you have 364

days until your next Black Friday adventure.