A Scary but FUN! Night… at Jack’s Hollow..

My good friend Tammy has a fabulous party every year.  (I've written about Tammy before.. HERE HERE and HERE ) This year I didn't get go, because of a little kid I like to call #6.  He's not really outdoor party friendly..  🙁  These photos are brought to you by The Man.

jack's hollow, halloween, party

Entrance to the party.

This is a new feature this year.. It's a bunch of campers… camping..

This thing crawls down and grabs on of the campers…

and takes it up the line with him.  (Note to self don't show my Girl Scouts this) 😉

The graveyard

#3 and a couple of her friends.

#5 with Jack

Jack and a few monkey's…

Zombie Cabin

Stay out of this Dr's office…

Hay ride!

I'll see you next year.. I promise…

as long as you keep that camper zombie thing away from me.