A Scary but FUN! Night… at Jack’s Hollow..

My good friend Tammy has a fabulous party every year.  (I've written about Tammy before.. HERE HERE and HERE ) This year I didn't get go, because of a little kid I like to call #6.  He's not really outdoor party friendly..  🙁  These photos are brought to you by The Man.

jack's hollow, halloween, party

Entrance to the party.

This is a new feature this year.. It's a bunch of campers… camping..

This thing crawls down and grabs on of the campers…

and takes it up the line with him.  (Note to self don't show my Girl Scouts this) 😉

The graveyard

#3 and a couple of her friends.

#5 with Jack

Jack and a few monkey's…

Zombie Cabin

Stay out of this Dr's office…

Hay ride!

I'll see you next year.. I promise…

as long as you keep that camper zombie thing away from me.

Monday.. Monday.. To Do.. To Do..

nelson atkins museum of art, giant shuttlecock, badminton

Who wants to play badminton? or Honey, I shrunk the kids!

Monday’s To Do List:

1.  fix photos

2.  Purchase Fleece for VBS

3. Find Pillowcases for VBS

4.  take #3 to her cousin’s house for a sleep over.

5.  Wii Fit

6.  Send earrings in to be fixed

7. Dinner= left overs.. The Man will be working on the Fire Alarm at church

8. Find colored sand.. and lots of it for VBS

9. Work on eBay stuff

Top 5 eBay Wants…

I’ve been hanging out with a couple of my youth group friends and #1. We were chatting about what we would like to buy on eBay.. SO I present to you.. our eBay wants.

1. Both Ashlyn and Brandy would like this: Apple iPod Touch 16G

2. Ashlyn would love a Green Laptop.. so we picked out this Dell Green Slim Laptop

3. #1 would like some high heeled cute shoes

4. Brandy would like a Pontiac G6

5. For me I think I’d like some Tickets to PBR Finals in Las Vegas.

Traveling Batman takes on the St Louis Arch…

Batman is loving Saint Louis. He tooks us to Stir Crazy last night…

Mongolian Beef is his favorite.

He had issues with the chop sticks.

But maybe that was because he was drinking Sam Adams.

Batman slept off his stout beer, and got up this morning ready to take on Saint Louis.

Breakfast of champions.. banana and some yogurt!

I’m a little worried about the penguin.

Batman loves old bridges.. here he is in-front of The Eads Bridge!

He loves his coffee too…

The Saint Louis Arch

Getting ready to head into the “pod” that will take us up to the top.

Here we are in the pod.. heading up..

The pod seats 5 and is about 5ft across. Here is a couple from New Jersey that

found Batman charming.

630 Feet up.. Batman shows no fear!

Batman is pointing out his helipad.. from 630ft up.

Yes.. we know.. my last name is Eads.. and that’s the Eads bridge..

Batman can be so forgetful..